[Proposal from Executive Committee for Faculty Council Approval: Approved at FC020404]






Effective with students admitted for 2004, University College faculty will assume primary and initiating responsibility for reviewing and recommending changes in undergraduate admissions policies and practices in collaboration and in coordination with the IUPUI Faculty Council and with Enrollment Services. As a faculty drawn from all schools, the University College faculty will thus represent school interests, and these faculty will serve as liaisons to their respective schools.


University College will be asked to establish a committee drawn from University College faculty but including others. In all discussions involving undergraduate admissions, the Faculty Council (and faculty as a whole) will be represented by three liaisons designated respectively by the Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Faculty Affairs Committees of the Faculty Council; Enrollment Services will be represented by two persons named by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services. Specifically, University College faculty will help ensure the development, monitoring and enforcement of undergraduate admissions standards consistent with University policy and campus mission while working with Faculty Council Committees, Enrollment Services, and individual schools to establish effective practices and services that help IUPUI attract and retain students whose diversity, preparation, and interests reflect campus mission.


University College will maintain a specific liaison with the IUPUI Faculty Council standing committee on Academic Affairs and report annually in writing on its review of policies and practices. When changes in policies or practices are recommended, there will be two routes to implementation. When changes are within Trustee-established policy or practice, they will be referred to Academic Affairs for consideration and comment before UC refers the changes to the Dean of the Faculties for implementation (Academic Affairs will comment on behalf of the Faculty Council, seeking advice as it deems necessary from Student Affairs and/or Faculty Affairs). Any changes that would vary from Trustee-approved policy would be referred by the Academic Affairs Committee to the IUPUI Faculty Council with a recommendation for action; changes to existing policy would require subsequent action by the University Faculty Council, the President, and the Board of Trustees. All changes in policy by either route will be forwarded to the Dean of the Faculties for implementation or forwarding to University levels as required.


It should be noted that there is a distinction between “policy” as approved by the Trustees and practices followed on any campus within the policy, wherein considerable discretion is exercised. In most important respect, however, practices adopted by campuses have the effect of policy. This proposed charge to University College in coordination with Faculty Council standing committees, Enrollment Services, and schools will significantly increase faculty involvement in reviewing and adapting practices to achieve the mission and goals of the campus. It is likely that changes in University policy may eventually be required to conform to State mandates with respect to Core 40 and other matters affecting high school graduation and participation in post-secondary education. If IUPUI faculty take the lead in making such changes, approval would be required by the full Faculty Council before taking proposed changes to the University and Trustee levels. The proposed charge, therefore, will address the need for greater faculty involvement in administering current policies and practices at IUPUI.