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Active Policies for IUPUI Faculty

The following are policies that were approved or endorsed by the IUPUI Faculty Council and which are now effective.

Please visit the "Approved" page to view all recent action taken by the council.

"IUPUI Principles of Undergraduate Learning: REVISED" (effective 5/1/07)

"IU Research Misconduct Policy" (effective 5/1/07)

"Revision to the Charge of the IUPUI Budgetary Affairs Committee" (effective March 6, 2007)

"Policy on Three-Year Formative Review of Tenure-Probationary Faculty and Librarians" (effective January 16, 2007)

UNIVERSITY POLICY: Revised Intellectual Property Policy for IU (effective November 21, 2006)

Revision of Grievance Procedure for Designated Academic Appointees (effective May 2, 2006)

UNIVERSITY POLICY: Policy on Access to Laboratories with Hazardous Materials or Laboratory Animals by Visitors (effective March 29, 2006)

Revised Principles of Undergraduate Learning IMPORTANT: The definition under the "Critical Thinking" principle is not yet effective as it was returned to committee for further work. (effective January 11, 2006)

Conflict of Commitment Policy for Faculty (effective October 2005)

Conflict of Interest Policy for Faculty (effective October 2005)

Student Disciplinary Procedures for Academic Misconduct involving the IUPUI Campus and Academic Misconduct Flowchart (effective May 2005)

Revised IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct (effective May 2005)

Recommendation to amend the UFC 3/27/01 policy on 100/200 level course transfers to IU from two-year institutions (effective April 2004)

Revised Grievance Procedure for Designated Academic Appointees (effective March 2004)

Cash Bonus Policy for Academic Appointees at IUPUI (effective May 2003)

Faculty Sponsorship of Student for Admission as a Beginning Freshman (effective May 2003)

Administrative Withdrawal Policy (effective April 2003)

Resolution on Faculty Access to Student Evaluations (effective April 2003)

IUPUI Policy on School or Program Restructuring (effective March 2003)