Circular U15-2007


Resolution on Core Campus and System School Report


WHEREAS, multi-campus academic units (i.e. system and core campus schools) have

existed within Indiana University for over thirty years and their formation was the result

of a series of discussions and actions that were subsequently endorsed by various faculty

groups; and thus, changes to this system should also be endorsed by the faculty and


WHEREAS, President Herbert, to his credit and within the context of other structural

considerations, initiated a review of multi-campus units and


WHERAS, it seems clear from the review report that the multi-campus model requires

some reconsideration and


WHEREAS, certain problems identified in the review appear to be attributed to problems

of decanal authority and conflict between deans and campus academic officers, which

will be a continuing issue irrespective of any recommendations made in a review and


WHEREAS, some of the multi-campus units have evolved since their inception over

thirty years ago, so that the programs across the campuses have very little in common and


WHEREAS this diversity among programs raises questions about the conditions essential

for the establishment and continued existence of multi-campus units that need to be

defined, and


WHEREAS, the initial review was essentially an administrative review and did not take

into account in any meaningful way the views of faculty and


WHEREAS it is clearly stated in the Faculty Constitution that the academic structure of

the university is a matter of concern to the faculty and its views should figure

prominently in any consideration of these matters,


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the University Faculty Council concurs with the

President that the structure of multi-campus units within Indiana University should be

reconsidered, but, in a process that must involve the faculty of the units to an extent far

greater than has been the case to date.