Revised IUPUI Mission Statement

December 8, 2004




The VISION of IUPUI is to be one of the world’s best urban research universities, recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its achievements and partnerships in advancing economic, social, educational, and cultural development through teaching, research, and civic engagement.




The MISSION of IUPUI is to provide for its local, national and international constituents an environment for excellence in integrating and applying

·       Teaching and learning through baccalaureate, masters, professional, and doctoral degrees and life-long learning;

·       Research, scholarship, and creative activity;

·       Civic engagement through economic, social, and cultural development; and

·       Interdisciplinary work among the arts, humanities, the natural and social sciences, and the professions.


Each of these core activities is characterized by

·       Collaboration across disciplines and campuses, with many organizations and constituencies within central Indiana, and with strategic national and international partners;

·       A strong commitment to ensuring diversity; and

·       A pursuit of innovation and best practices.


IUPUI’s mission builds on its strength in health and life sciences, professional schools, interdisciplinary programs, and innovation in undergraduate learning. IUPUI will advance Indiana and Indianapolis by focusing on life sciences, information technologies, advanced manufacturing, nonprofit organizations, and arts, culture and tourism.




In developing and implementing new and revised programs, IUPUI will do so with a sense of RESPONSIBILITY to build on its distinctive history, urban location, and  academic and research strengths.  IUPUI will provide leadership in the education, research, and civic engagement necessary to sustain a world-class community by meeting its responsibilities to


  • Provide access to baccalaureate-level education in central Indiana with an emphasis on enrolling and graduating a diverse student body;
  • Provide graduate professional education, including PhDs in the health and life sciences and in other fields critical to the development of the region and state;
  • Enrich the lives of Indiana’s citizens with a first-rate education in the liberal arts and sciences and with opportunities for life-long learning;
  • Create and develop new and emerging interdisciplinary fields;
  • Prepare graduates to become engaged citizens and civic-minded professionals with documented competencies required to meet the region’s economic, social, governmental, and cultural needs;
  • Take advantage of the combined missions of Indiana University and Purdue University and collaboration with its sister campuses in Bloomington and West Lafayette  to bring engineering, technology, and the sciences together with the arts, humanities, social sciences, and other professions;
  • Develop its unique partnership with the state’s community college and the anticipated alignment of P-12 education with postsecondary and life-long learning;
  • Use information technology for research, civic engagement, and learning, including distance education and life-long learning;
  • Develop the international and cross-cultural understanding and collaboration that is essential for contemporary life, including a commitment to help immigrant populations adapt to central Indiana; and
  • Develop the expertise, capacity, and entrepreneurial leadership and partnerships necessary for growing prosperity in central Indiana and the state.