Endorsed by IFC Executive Committee Sept. 20, 2007


NOTE: The IFC-EC unanimously voted to forward this proposal to the IFC for endorsement on October 2, 2007.  If endorsed, this proposal will be forwarded to Dean Sukhatme for implementation.



Rationale.  Collaboration across disciplines to strengthen both research and teaching is becoming more and more important.  Key campus initiatives, such as the IUPUI academic program, the life sciences initiative, and the Principles of Undergraduate Learning, have curricular implications for all undergraduate programs and would benefit from ongoing cross-disciplinary discussions among faculty.  Curricular decisions are often made without the benefit of conversation with colleagues who might be affected by these changes, and curricular changes often have substantial impact beyond the department or school in which the changes are made.  As stipulated in the Constitution of the Indiana University Faculty, the curriculum is both the prerogative and the responsibility of the faculty (Sections 2.2 and 2.4). The Constitution (2.4) encourages collaboration among academic units when any aspect of the curriculum has the potential to influence other academic units.  Since the curriculum is both the prerogative and the responsibility of the faculty, and since the Campus Planning Committee has recommended the creation of a deliberative body of faculty to deal with undergraduate curricular issues, a forum to explore collaborative, interdisciplinary programs, to discuss curricular matters that have the potential to affect other units and programs on campus, and to offer advice and recommendations to IUPUI’s Chief Academic Officer, the Dean of the Faculties, an Undergraduate Curriculum Advisory Committee is being proposed for IUPUI.


Responsibilities of the Undergraduate Curriculum Advisory Committee (UCAC) include the following:


1.   Review of all new campus undergraduate programs with particular consideration of proposed courses that may overlap with or duplicate existing courses or programs in other schools, and oversee the undergraduate course remonstrance process.          

2.   Mediate and propose solutions to resolve academic disputes between undergraduate programs and schools.

3.   Encourage interdisciplinary work in teaching, curriculum development, and research, particularly in the life sciences.

4.   Assure support for the Principles of Undergraduate Learning as guiding IUPUI’s general education and undergraduate degree programs.

5.   Review changes in program requirements that have the potential to affect course enrollments in other schools and programs.

6.   Screen all activities involved in the creation, revision, and elimination of undergraduate degree programs with a view to upholding the integrity of the Mission and Vision of IUPUI, as well as the value of undergraduate degrees, certificates, and programs at IUPUI.


The UCAC will serve as an advisory body to the Dean of the Faculties on issues of undergraduate curriculum and programs at IUPUI.  The Dean of the Faculties retains final authority over all curricular matters.  For this reason the Dean of the Faculties or his designee will serve as a non-voting member of the UCAC.




Membership of the UCAC would include a committee of nine (9) tenured or tenure track faculty members constituting a representative group from across the campus and the Dean of the Faculties or the Dean’s designee.  Two new members will be elected annually by the Indianapolis Faculty Council (IFC) from a list of nominees prepared by the IFC Nominating Committee, and a third faculty member will be appointed by the Dean of the Faculties each year to serve three-year terms.  Each school on campus will recommend to the Nominating Committee candidates for a Nominating Committee slate.    Three members of the UCAC will rotate off the committee every year with three new members replacing them.  The initial committee will have the nine members serving staggered terms. 


The members of the committee should be tenure/tenure track faculty who, ideally, chair or serve on a school’s curriculum committee or other appropriate committee.  Associate deans or their equivalent from the different schools on campus should not be considered for this committee.  Faculty members recommended by their schools will be elected from the slate prepared by the IFC’s Nominating Committee and voted on by the IFC in the spring to serve a three-year term beginning in the Fall semester.  The Nominating Committee will slate candidates in such a way as to ensure balance across programs and schools on the IUPUI campus.  There will be no more than two (2) committee members from any one unit with undergraduate programs at any one time


At the committee’s first meeting each year, a chair and secretary will be appointed from the nine (9) committee members.  The primary responsibility of the chair and secretary is to schedule meetings, prepare the agenda, ensure an orderly discussion, and maintain minutes. 



When needed, for purposes of information, representatives from the schools affected by a proposed policy or decision, and the school’s dean or associate dean for academic affairs will be invited to participate in the discussions of the committee.