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Approved Policies : 2012-2013 Academic Year

IFC Circular 2013-06 [PDF]: "Parking Resolution" (approved on December 4, 2012)

IFC Circular 2013-07 [PDF]" "Sustainability Policies" (endorsed on January 8, 2013)

IFC Circular 2013-05 [PDF]: "Change in Academic Calendar for 2014" (approved on February 5, 2013)

IFC Circular 2013-11 [PDF]: "Resolution on Legislative Encroachment on the Academic Mission of Indiana University" (approved on March 5, 2013)

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (NTTF) Service on the IFC as At-Large Members: On April 25, 2015, the Faculty Council Executive Committee reviewed the policy below. It was moved, seconded, and passed to continue service by the NTTF on the IFC in this capacity.

Ten at-large representatives from the ranks of the full-time non-tenure-track faculty (NTTF) shall be elected by their peers to the IUPUI Faculty Council ("full-time"; as defined by the schools). No more than two representatives shall come from the same school. There shall be at least two representatives from each of the clinical, research, and lecturer ranks. NTTF voting privileges shall be consistent with the Indiana University Faculty Constitution. From the time of implementation, this policy shall take effect for three years and be evaluated during the third year for amendment, reenactment, or revocation.

IFC Circular 2013-14 and IFC Circular 2013-15 [PDF] "IUPUI General Education Core for 2013" and "IUPUI's Proposed 30-Hour General Education Core" (approved on May 14, 2013). The general education core procedures was approved in principal in April, 2012. The courses for the general education core was approved on May 14, 2013, with the provision that the course list will change year to year.