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Approved Policies : 2009-2010 Academic Year

IFC Circular 2009-02 [PDF]: "IP Revenue Policy" (approved November 3, 2009)

IFC Circular 2009-03 [PDF]: "Review Procedures for Academic Administrators" (approved February 2, 2010)

IFC Circular 2009-04 [PDF]: "School Tenure Probationary Period Extension Policy" (approved March 2, 2010)

IFC Circular 2009-05 [PDF] and IFC Circular 2009-06 [PDF]: "Policy on Class Participation and Observance of Religious Holidays" and "Form" (approved April 6, 2010)

IFC Circular 2009-07 [PDF]: "Development of webpage for students and instructors containing links to the statements of university-wide policies concerning courses." (approved April 6, 2010). The website can be found here.