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Approved Policies : 2004-05 Academic Year

Policies and resolutions listed have been approved/adopted/endorsed. Some are appropriate for and have been included in the IUPUI supplement to the Academic Handbook while others are for informational purposes only.

In Spring 2004 the FC reviewed the work of and participated in task forces appointed by Chancellor Charles Bantz to examine the issues surrounding "doubling the numbers" in the areas of research , teaching & learning , diversity, and civic engagement.

Amendment to the FC Constitution & Bylaws Making the Immediate Past President an Ex Officio Non-Voting Member of the FC Executive Committee (the amendment the bylaws received 2/3 majority at 4/6/04 FC meeting / the constitutional amendment received a 2/3 majority via faculty ballot in May 2004)

Request Made to & Approved by the UFC to Reconsider UFC Action on Conflict of Interest in Research Statement (posted 5/15/04)

Revised Grievance Procedure for Designated Academic Appointees (posted 3/6/04)