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Approved Policies : 2002-03 Academic Year and Older

Policies and resolutions listed have been approved/adopted/endorsed. Some are appropriate for and have been included in the IUPUI supplement to the Academic Handbook while others are for informational purposes only.

Commendation for Coach Ron Hunter (adopted & posted 5/1/03)

Cash Bonus Policy for Academic Appointees at IUPUI (approved & posted 5/1/03)

Faculty Sponsorship of Student for Admission as Beginning Freshman (approved & posted 5/1/03)

Administrative Withdrawal Policy (approved & posted 5/1/03)

Resolution on Faculty Access to Student Evaluations (adopted 030403)(posted 030404)

IUPUI Policy on School or Program Restructuring (approved 030306) (posted 030307)

Dismissal Policy for IU (from IU Academic Handbook, p.74)

Admissions Policies and Practices Managed by University College (approved FC020404)

Definition of the Undergraduate Unit of Academic Credit

Dismissal Policy for IUPUI: Incompetence or Misconduct (from IUPUI Supplement to the Indiana University Academic Handbook, pp.43-48) (Contains Revisions Approved FC991202)

Disruptive Student Conduct Procedures (Policy passed by Faculty Council February 4, 1999

Dismissal Policy for IUPUI: Financial Difficulties (from IUPUI Supplement to the Indiana University Academic Handbook, pp.48-57)

Emeritus Policy (Approved FC000406)

Faculty and Senior Staff Development, Task Force Final Report (June 24, 1998)

Faculty and Librarian Review and Enhancement (Approved FC980507) (Revisions Approved FC991202)

Grade Change Policy (Approved FC021205)

Grievance Procedures (Approved FC000406)

Honors Development Plan

Inter-Campus Transfers Policy (Approved UFC000425)

Lecturer Policy for IUPUI (Approved FC020207)

Non-Tenure Track Faculty, UFC Proposal

Non-Tenure Track Proposal (for FC990204)

Principles of Undergraduate Learning (Approved FC980507)

Resolution of Congratulations (Endorsed FC020404)

Resolution on Administrative Reviews (Approved FC021003)

Transfer, Merger, Reorganization, Reduction, and Elimination of Academic Programs 3/26/99 (IUPUI Policy Approved at FC990401)

Withdrawal Policy (Approved at FC011003)