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Committees: Undergraduate Curriculum Advisory Committee


Review all new campus undergraduate programs with particular consideration of proposed courses that may overlap with or duplicate existing courses or programs in other schools, and oversee the undergraduate course remonstrance process; mediate and propose solutions to resolve curricular disputes between undergraduate programs, in particular when remonstrances cannot be resolved between units; encourage interdisciplinary work in teaching, curriculum development, and research, particularly in the life sciences; provide collaborative support for the development of IUPUI’s general education program and its guiding Principles of Undergraduate Learning; review changes in program requirements that have the potential to affect course enrollments in other schools and programs; screen all activities involved in the creation, revision, and elimination of undergraduate degree programs with a view to upholding the integrity of the Mission and Vision of IUPUI, as well as the value of undergraduate degrees, certificates, and programs at IUPUI.

Committee Members

Elected Members:

Three-year term (2011-14):
John Hassell (Business)
Irene Queiro-Tajalli (Social Work) - Chair

Three-year term (2012-15):
Andy Gavrin (Science)
Mark Urtel (PETM)

Three-year term (2013-16):
Beth Goering (Liberal Arts)
Sue Lasiter (Nursing)

Appointed Members:
Snehasis Mukhopadhyay (Science) (2011-2014)
Christina Mushi (Health and Rehab) (2012-2015)
TBD (2013-2016)
Mary Fisher (Dean of the Faculties)


Annual Reports