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Committees: Student Affairs

Robert Yost, Chair


This committee shall review and make recommendations to the Council regarding matters involving student affairs. The committee shall provide advice and guidance to the Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Diversity and to the Dean of Students in the area of student administrative and campus life services. The committee shall maintain liaison with IUPUI student governing bodies. The committee membership shall include two full-time students: one enrolled as an undergraduate and one enrolled in either the Graduate School or one of the graduate professional programs. Appointments of student members will be made from nominations submitted to the Executive Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council by the IUPUI Undergraduate Student Assembly and the Graduate Student Organization. Student members shall have the same responsibilities and privileges as the other members of the Student Affairs Committee (Bylaw III.B.12).

Committee Members
Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2014 Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2015
Jafari May Univ. Library Dona Christopher Science
Jamison Sharon Education Oruche Ukamaka Nursing
Wininger Melvin Liberal Arts Plaskoff Josh Business
Yost Robert Science Chair Worley Wanda E&T
Social Work
Liaisons for 2013-2014 (or Ex Officio)
Greco Tony  Graduate and Prof. Student Government
Davenport Zebulon Student Life Administrative Liaison
Hassell John Business Executive Committee Liaison
Lewis Tralicia Student Life Division of Student Life
Spratt Jason Student Life Dean of Students
Dyer Whitney USG President Graduate Student Liaison


Annual Reports