IUPUI Faculty Council Committee Annual Report


Committee Name: Research Affairs


Annual Report for 2007-08


Chair: Simon Atkinson


Secretary: N/A


Members: Victoria Champion, Akin Ecer, Dominique Galli, Charles Goodlett, Robert Harris, Toni Laskey, Eric Wright, Jonathan Eller, David Ford, Rich Gregory, Robert Katz, Michael Kowolik, Laura Littlepage, David Stocum, Anna McDaniel, Alex Its.


Action Item and Status (please list):


  1. Reviewed second round of signature center proposals; completed 12/2007
  2. IP Policy (passed Trustees 5/08!!)
  3. Met with John Talbott (Asst VP Research Administration) to review reorganization of Research Administration; ongoing


Action Items to be carried over to next year:


  1. Continue to monitor research administration reorganization, especially responsiveness of the Indianapolis Offices to the unique needs of this campus.


Suggested new action items for next year:


  1. Work with Dean Sukhatme and VC Research to establish procedures for review of Signature Centers
  2. OVPRA plans development of multiple new policies related to research and revision of others. This will require careful monitoring to ensure that there is adequate faculty input in this process.
  3. IUB has passed a policy on authorship. There may be a move to bring this to UFC as auniversity-wide policy. Committee will need to discuss whether such a policy is appropriate on this campus.
  4. New IP policy requires development of campus policy on distribution of unit share of revenues there should be some faculty input in this, although it can be an administrative policy, not an IFC policy.
  5. We have agreed that IU should develop a coherent and consistent policy on how the decision is made as to whether to accept funding for research based on the source of sponsorship or the restrictions placed on the use of funds by the sponsor.


Other Comments: [ e.g., attendance or unit representation concerns]



Please attach any completed documents or recommendations made by your Committee during this report year. One copy of this report and supporting documents will be sent to the IUPUI University Archives.