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Committees: Research Affairs

Victoria Champion, Chair


This Committee shall periodically review research policies and procedures, draft revisions when necessary, and provide interpretations about those policies and procedures when questions arise.  The Committee shall include faculty members from a broad range of schools across campus reflecting both faculty and student research interests and artistic/scholarly activities.  The Committee shall coordinate its activities with other relevant committees with a goal of improving the environment for research at IUPUI.  The Committee shall be responsible for continued communication with the administration through the IUPUI Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies.

Committee Members

Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2017
Bruzzaniti, Angela (Dentistry)
Champion, Vickie (Nursing) (Chair)
Corson, Tim (Medicine)
Holland, Mark (Medicine)
Konrath, Sara (Philanthropy)
Mendonca, Marc (Medicine)
Yokota, Hiroki (E&T)

Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2018
Chu, Tien-Men (Gabe) (Dentistry)
Mosley, Amber (Medicine)
Organ, Jason (Medicine)
Robb, Sheri (Nursing)
Vemuri, Gautam (Science)
Wilson, Jeremy (Liberal Arts)

Liaisons for 2016-2017 (or Ex Officio)
Atkinson, Simon (Interim Vice Chancellor for Research) (Administrative Liaison)
Windsor, L. Jack (Executive Committee Liaison

Annual Reports
Supporting Documents