Metropolitan Affairs Committee

November 7, 2006





Present: Lorraine C. Blackman, Matthew Aalsma, Amy Warner


1.                  TRIP:  The vision for TRIP was re-stated and described for the group by Amy Warner. The role of the Metropolitan Affairs Committee in TRIP was discussed.  Role appears to be best for identifying local faculty member speakers and identify appropriate themes.  Warner will give continuing status report of TRIP for the committee and ask Sandra Petronio to keep us posted on TRIP plans via email.


2.                  Metropolitan Affairs Committee Charge

a.       The group did identify the change from community service to civic engagement was appropriate.  Blackman will follow-up with Bart Ng to recommend the change to the Faculty Council.


3.                  Monitoring is tabled for the time being, pending consultation with Bob Bringle and Steve Jones.


4.                  Identify 2 top stories: Warner discussed a new media relations person for IUPUI who will aid in disseminating positive community based work that IUPUI faculty are conducting.  Committee members are asked to identify 2 top stories of other faculty members focused on connecting to and aiding community work.  This will be shared with the media relations individual at the next meeting, who will be in attendance.


5.                  Steve Jones and center for service & learning: We will invite Steve to lead our discussion at the meeting in February 2007.


6.                  Through Our Eyes: The State of the Black Student at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (11/2/06)- Campus Climate for Diversity: Warner gave an overview of the current issue regarding the diversity issue that was detailed in Star articles on Saturday and Tuesday.  The recommendation from the Committee was for Faculty Council to take the letter under advisement and make a formal response to the Black Student Union.  In addition, make plans for faculty cultural competency to protect the integrity of IUPUI.




Submitted: Matthew Aalsma, IUSOM, Adolescent Medicine