Metropolitan Affairs Committee

Meeting Minutes


Thursday, September 27, 2007

School of Social Work Conference Room


Present: Lorraine Blackman, Jeffrey Crabtree, Charles R. Feldhaus, Josť R. Rosario, Sandra Petronio (TRIP), Stephan Viehweg (TRIP), Amy Conrad Warner



Lorraine Blackman called meeting to order, minutes from previous meeting were approved by consensus, members introduced themselves, and Josť Rosario agreed to record the minutes. Discussion on agenda items proceeded as follows:


1.      Bob Bringle/Sandra Petronio report on Summer 2007 discussion to identify areas of overlap between TRIP and civic engagement as well as identity ways to cultivate inventory to enhance TRIPís goal of identifying faculty scholars. This item was tabled since Sandra Petronio and Bob Bringle were not able to meet.


2.      Update on Fall 2007 TRIP activities and Committee Affairs Committee role in their implementation. Sandra Petronio and Steve Viehweg briefed the committee on five strands of activity:


2.1. Getting the word out. This has consisted mainly of building a website that is ready to go live hopefully by Oct. 15th. There has been other publicity through advertisements and other means to disseminate information about TRIP to campus-wide community, as well as to external constituencies.

2.2. Establishing criteria for Translational Scholarship. In identifying translational scholars, TRIP will rely primarily on a process that will allow faculty to self-select themselves on a specified set of criteria: scholar is generating research that is translated; scholar has been identified by others as having successfully translated their work into practice; and scholars who have translated other research into practice.

2.3. Developing TRIP programs. There are currently a number of committees working on various programs: Building Alliances; Campus Forum on Meaning of Translation for Disciplines; Inside Out Program; Translational Scholar Debut Program; National Dialogue; and Transfer of Technology. The thrust behind these programs, which will be described at length on the projectís website, is to make IUPUI the nationís leading university in translational research. A current need is to staff these committees with faculty interested in developing these programs. It was suggested that TRIP consider tapping into the list of scholars on campus it has already identified as translational scholarsósince the idea is to develop a network or a community of faculty on campus with interest in translational research.

2.4. Program launch. The current plan is to launch the program during the up-coming IU Celebration luncheon on October 15 to be held at University Place Conference Center. On the agenda will be a panel discussion on translational scholarship. Committee members attending the event were invited to participate and support the event by recruiting invitees and serve as table hosts.

2.5. Articulation with Faculty Council, Civic Engagement Program, Solution Center, CTSA, Center of Excellence. Connecting and articulating with other programs on campus is ongoing, and it is expected that the website will contribute significantly to this process.


In terms of how the Metropolitan Affairs Committee could assist with development and implementation of TRIP, the discussion focused for the most part on the active role committee members could possibly play in program committees and on spearheading or leading particular efforts, such as the anticipated campus forums and national conference dialogue. Members agreed to doing what they can to support the effort in these and other ways.


Next meeting: Thursday, October 25, 2007, 2:00-3:30 p.m., Conference Room 226, Coleman Hall. Host: Jeffrey Crabtree, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Contact: (317) 274-5368,




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