Faculty Council

Metropolitan Affairs Committee

March 2, 2006






Joan Henkle (public health); Amy Conrad Warner, Acting Vice Chancellor Office of External Affairs; Lorraine Blackman, Chairperson, Lisa McGuire (social work)


  1. The agenda was approved


2.   Lorraine Blackman led the discussion on how to define “economic development” and   “life sciences”.   The committee would like to invite a speaker to talk about what life sciences is and what it means to faculty on the IUPUI campus and discuss how the life sciences relate to the mission differentiation statement on this campus.   It was decided that Amy Warner will invite Dr. Craig Brater as the speaker, April 6, 2006, from 12 noon until 1:30 PM.  If he is available, the discussion will be held in the University Library auditorium (if it is available).


  1. Lisa McGuire led the discussion on obstacles to Community Engagement on the IUPUI campus.
    1. Indirect cost rate of 52% was discussed as a big barrier in securing some grant funding, especially for non-profit organizations.  Should there be a differential rate for government and non-profits?  What committee or organization on campus could lead this discussion?
    2. The “rules” for grant funding/awards seems to be difficult to find.  They are not on a web-site or written out for faculty and others to read.  Is there too much red tape in the process of budgeting and securing funding? 
    3. There is a Vice President for Research but is there an advocate for “sponsored programs”?  Processes need to be more stream-lined for sponsored programs in order for faculty and others to secure funding.  The committee will ask the president of faculty council, Bart Ng, to assist in finding out more about this and what committee or department on campus could look into this.
  2. The Solution Center – There was a discussion about the Solution Center Venture funds available and how to understand and identify what the criteria is for agencies to receive funds.   
  3. Regular meetings for Spring 2006: First Thursday, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM in ES4121, unless otherwise specified.
  4. Next meeting: April 6, 2006 in the University Library auditorium


Joan Henkle