Metropolitan Affairs Committee
Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2008
Conference Room 226, Coleman Hall.

Present: Lorraine Blackman, Jeffrey Crabtree, Sandra Petronio (TRIP), Stephan Viehweg (TRIP), Amy Conrad Warner, Paul Mullins (minutes)

Lorraine Blackman called meeting to order, minutes from previous meeting were approved by consensus, members introduced themselves, and Mullins agreed to record the minutes.

1.      Warner discussed the “Where Impact is Made” campaign for the University that is now in local media and circulated the 2007 Performance Report and a new Welcome to the Campus map linked to the campaign.


2.         Blackman discussed the very successful inaugural Fall, 2007 TRIP luncheon.


3.         Crabtree suggested that many departments and programs are doing excellent community work and simply need some centralized assistance and encouragement to publicize that work.


4.         Most of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of TRIP activities.


5.         The TRIP website is now working and ready for faculty to enter and update translational projects

6.         IUPUI Translational Research Debut Event: A TRIP event facilitating inter and cross-disciplinary translational research partnerships throughout IUPUI schools, centers, departments, programs is tentatively planned for April 22 at the Campus Center and will likely have a series of booths and poster presentations representing various translational projects from across campus


7.         Campus Forum on Meaning of Translational Research:  Program designed to identify/develop an ongoing forum to define translational research on the IUPUI campus.


8.         Inside Out  - Programs and activities were outlined that are designed to promote translational research on the IUPUI campus, including


9.         Blackman suggested that we aim for the next meeting in about one month and will circulate dates via email for late February or early March meeting