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Committees: Campus Planning

Miriam Murphy, Chair


This committee shall include at least one representative from the IUPUI Executive Committee and from the other IUPUI Faculty Council standing committees, plus other members appointed by the Executive Committee. The IUPUI Vice Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement (or Senior Advisor to the Chancellor) shall be an ex officio member.  The Executive Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council may appoint one or more students as non-voting members of the standing committee.  The Executive Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council shall make this appointment based on nominations submitted by the Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate Student Organization. (Bylaw III.B.4).

Committee Members

Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2015
Kowolik, Joan (Dentistry)
Murphy, Miriam (Law Library) (Chair)
Pike, Gary (IMIR)
Rees, Fred (E&T)

Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2016
Avin, Keith (Health & Rehab Sciences)
Bahamonde, Rafael (TCEM)
Daniels-Howell, Todd (University Library)
Duwve, Joan (Public Health)
Ganci, Aaron (Herron)
Goodlett, Charles (Science)
Hurley, Tom (Medicine)
Polites, Mike (Liberal Arts)

Liaisons for 2014-2015 (or Ex Officio)
Banta, Trudy (Planning and Institutional Improvement) (Administrative Liaison)
Froehlich, Jan (Executive Committee Liaison)  
Rhodes, Dawn (Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance) (Administrative Member)

Annual Reports