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Committees: Budgetary Affairs ("BAC")

Thomas Fisher, Chair


This committee shall act as a representative of the Council in offering to the IUPUI Chancellor and the Campus Administration its continuing advice and the Faculty perspectives on all aspects of the IUPUI budgetary policy and the allocation of the IUPUI financial resources, especially those proposed allocations and re-allocations of financial resources that have bearing on the economic well-being of the faculty and the academic programs.   (Bylaw III.B.3).

Committee Members
Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2014 Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2015
Blackwell Jacqueline Education Bertrand Didier Liberal Arts
Brown Catherine Columbus Copeland Andrea Informatics
Gass Sherry Social Work Cullen Deb Nursing
Page Antony Law Fisher Thomas Health/Rehab Chair
Payton Seth SPEA Holmes Ann Public Health
Winship Andrew Herron Hundley Stephen E&T
Young Jerry Medicine Krohn Brian PETM
Johnson Jenny Library
Mac Kinnon Joyce Univ. College
Randall Steve Science
Schaaf Jack Dentistry
Liaisons for 2013-2014 (or Ex Officio)
Broeker Camy Finance & Admin. Administrative Member
Wokeck Marianne Liberal Arts Executive Committee Liaison
Rhodes Dawn Finance & Admin. Administrative Member

Past Annual Reports

Other Documents