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Committees: Board of Review Pool


Each Faculty Board of Review shall consist of five members appointed by the Executive Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council from a group of 20 faculty members and librarians elected by the Faculty Council (Bylaw IV.E.1).

Committee Members

Members with Term Expiring Jan. 31, 2015
Applegate, Rachel (Informatics & Computing)
Ardemagni, Enrica (Liberal Arts)
Burk, Brenda (University Library)
Goodlett, Charles (Science)
Hawley, Dean (Medicine)
Perez, Rodrigo (Science)
Riner, Mary Beth (Nursing)
Tezanos-Pinto, Rosa (Liberal Arts)
Wood, Elee (Education)
Worley, Wanda (E&T)

Members with Term Expiring Jan. 31, 2016
Dent, Alexander (Medicine)
Jones, Josette (Informatics & Computing)
Murphy, Miriam (Law)
Petrache, Horia (Science)
Pollok, Karen (Medicine)
Schild, John (E&T)
Schmidt, Amy (Medicine)
Watt, Jeff (Science)
Wells, Clark (Medicine)

Past Reports to the IFC: