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From: Donahue, Michael L
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Hello Betty


I am attaching the UCOL guidelines for freshmen and transfers.   Let me know if you also want the other IUPUI schools. Let me know if you have questions.

As you know all IUPUI guidelines are approved by faculty committees and all the UCOL guidelines are backed by research conducted by IMIR.


As an fyi  I am strongly opposed to admissions criteria based on rank or SAT scores.


            Rationale----rank predicts within a single school and can be influenced by types of courses attempted and weighting of grades.  It can reward students who only complete the minimum requirements and hurt the student who takes challenging courses and earns Cs or Bs instead of taking easy courses leading to A grades.   Ranking also implies that every high school is the same in quality and competitiveness.


            SAT are biased against first generation students, students who are bi lingual, and minorities.  It is a four snapshot rather than a four year overview.



A.   Here is the information the public sees:


1.   freshman


Types of Admission and Qualifications

IUPUI offers freshmen enrollment as degree-seeking or as visiting status for summer (June) term only.


Degree-Seeking Students


You are a freshman if you are enrolling for an undergraduate certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree program (includes undecided majors). To be a freshman applicant you must not have attended another college, business, or vocational school after high school graduation. If you attended somewhere after graduation you must submit a transfer application. You may download a transfer application at http://www.enroll.iupui.edu.


We will examine your high school record, including courses completed, grades earned, class rank, and standardized test results. The trend in your grades and the difficulty of your courses are very important. The two most important factors will be the courses you attempted and the grades you earned.


High School Graduates Admission Requirements - Regular admission

• Graduated from high school or will graduate before enrolling.

• Provide the results of your SAT or ACT.


             (Seniors in high school must take one of these tests no later than May of senior year.) If you are taking the SAT or ACT for the first time, you are required to complete the Writing Section of the test. If your class has graduated and a fall semester has passed since you graduated, you do not need to take the SAT or ACT. (However, if you did take the test, we would like to see the results.)  The results of the writing test assist you and your academic advisor with placement into a writing course. 

Indiana high school graduates are required to have completed Core 40. (Academic Honors diploma highly encouraged.) For students who have completed Core 40 with a C grade or higher in all Core 40 courses, SAT Critical Reading and Math total should be 900 or higher or ACT composite of 19 or higher. For students who have earned an Academic Honors diploma, the applicant will be considered fully qualified regardless of test scores; however, scores must be provided.


• Returning adult students should note that SAT or ACT scores are not required and although a high school transcript is required, the admissions committee also considers such things as military experience, life experiences, and job responsibilities after leaving high school..


For applicants who are home schooled, attending out-of-state high schools, or attending high schools in Indiana that are not accredited, we require the equivalent of Core 40, which means the following:

      4 years of English

      3 years of math (including second-year algebra); we strongly recommend 4 yrs of math

      3 years of social sciences

      3 years of lab science including biology, chemistry, and/or physics

      4 years of additional college preparatory courses selected from English, mathematics,

         social sciences, lab sciences, computer language courses, or foreign language



Conditional Admission

If you do not meet the above criteria, you will be considered for the possibility of conditional acceptance based on other factors that will indicate your potential for success at IUPUI: overall quality of your high school coursework, trend in your grades, work experience, maturity, and military service.


If you have significant deficiencies in either academic preparation or performance, we will defer your acceptance until you complete designated courses at any regionally accredited two- or four-year college. A deferral contract outlining the courses to complete will be sent to you. Our program with the Community College (Ivy Tech State College) at Indianapolis is called Partners.  Admissions counselors at both schools are prepared to assist you with a program of study leading to transfer to IUPUI.  Regardless of where you decide to attend, we will send you a deferral contract that lists courses that must be completed at any two or four-year college in the country.


GED Admission Requirements

Students who have not attended college after earning a GED are considered beginning freshmen students. The following are the admission requirements:

• If you are under 19 years of age, you must provide the results of an ACT or

SAT I test. If your GED score is below 53 (530), you will be deferred to the Community College of Indiana.  (See above section on conditional admission.)

• Earned the GED with a score of 53 (530 on new scale) or higher.




2 Transfer information for public


Types of Admission

and Qualifications

As a transfer student, IUPUI offers you

two categories of undergraduate admission (degree-seeking and non degree).


Degree-Seeking Students

If you wish to enter an undergraduate certificate, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree program, you will apply as a degree-seeking student (even if you are unsure of which degree program).


Admissions Standards


General Policy: If you have less than 26 hours of transferable work, you must provide a high school transcript. If you were not admissible from high school, you must complete freshman writing, a college-level mathematics course (college algebra or higher), and a minimum of three transferable courses with grades of C or higher with a cumulative GPA of 2.0.  If you were admissible from high school or you have more than 26 hours of transferable work, you  must  have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale and be eligible to return to previous college.  If you do not have a 2.0 or you are not eligible to return to your former school, you must sit out for one regular semester.**  Summer sessions do not count. If you have been dismissed twice, you must be out of school for two full semesters.  Please mail a statement with your application explaining what caused the low grades and how you will approach your studies at IUPUI.

** Students transferring from another Purdue campus are exempt from this policy unless they are on drop status or are required to sit out one or more semesters by Purdue University.


Admission on Probation



Assuming you were admissible from high but your GPA is below a 2.0, you will be considered for admission on probation provided you have met or are meeting the required time out of school. If you were not admissible from high school, you must complete freshman writing, a college level mathematics course (college algebra or higher), and a minimum of three transferable courses with grades of C or higher and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0.  In some cases, students below a 2.0 will be required to file a petition and perhaps schedule an interview.  After reviewing your application, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will advise you if you must take these steps.  


We encourage you to apply a minimum of three months in advance of your proposed starting date.



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