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IFC Standing Committees

2016-17 roster for all IFC standing committees [PDF - Working Document]

Academic Affairs: Mark Bannatyne, Chair

Board of Review Pool

Budgetary Affairs: L. Jack Windsor, Chair; Phil Goff, Co-Chair

Campus Planning: Miriam Murphy, Chair

Constitution and Bylaws: Judith Wright, Chair

Distance Education: Gina Londino, Chair

Executive: Rachel Applegate, President

Faculty Affairs: Marianne Wokeck, Chair

Faculty Grievance Advisory Committee; L. Jack Windsor, Chair

Faculty Guide: Kim White-Mills, Chair

Fringe Benefits: A chair will be selected as the committee receives work.

Library Affairs: Brian Dixon, Chair

Metropolitan Affairs: - Inactive Committee

Nominating: Pamela Napier, Chair

Research Affairs: Victoria Champion, Chair

Staff Relations: Marianne Wokeck, Chair

Student Affairs: Ron Sandwina, Chair

Technology: Elizabeth Whipple, Chair


Athletic Affairs: Patrick Sullivan

Resource Planning Committee: L. Jack Windsor (Budgetary Affairs Committee), Miriam Murphy (Campus Planning Committee), and Rachel Applegate (President, IUPUI Faculty Council)

Liaison to Staff Council: Miriam Murphy

IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Committee


The following are committee descriptions (excerpted from the Faculty Council Consitution) for committees whose membership is based, solely, on appointment by the Executive Committtee (versus election). Volunteers are welcome for these committees whose membership is appointed each spring.

Academic Affairs. This committee shall make recommendations to the Council on matters relating to general, not school specific, educational curriculum matters, establishing and revising academic calendars, degree formats, graduation requirements, the academic structure of IUPUI, and other related matters.

Board of Review Pool. Each Faculty Board of Review shall consist of five members appointed by the Executive Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council from a group of 20 faculty members and librarians elected by the Faculty Council (Bylaw IV.E.1).

Budgetary Affairs. This committee shall act as a representative of the Council in offering to the IUPUI Chancellor and the Campus Administration its continuing advice and the Faculty perspectives on all aspects of the IUPUI budgetary policy and the allocation of the IUPUI financial resources, especially those proposed allocations and re-allocations of financial resources that have bearing on the economic well-being of the faculty and the academic programs. Among others, the committee's responsibilities shall include:

  • Assessing the fiscal health of all academic and administrative support units, through its participation in the Campus Planning and Budgetary Hearings, and by other means including direct communication with faculty budgetary committees at the school or unit level.
  • Considering and reviewing the general academic priorities of IUPUI and the reflection of such needs in capital outlays and in the creation of budgets.
  • Considering the relative allocations of the Campus financial resources with respect to new programs and the implications to existing programs.
  • Alerting the Council to all matters of budgetary importance internal or external to IUPUI.
  • Facilitating coordination and communication among school level budgetary affairs or equivalent committees.

Campus Planning. This committee shall act as a representative of the Council in offering to the IUPUI Chancellor and the Campus Administration its continuing advice and the Faculty perspectives on academic and strategic planning.

Constitution and Bylaws. This committee shall periodically review the Constitution and Bylaws, draft revisions when necessary and provide, in conjunction with the Parliamentarian, interpretations of those documents when questions arise.

Distance Education.This committee represents the IUPUI Faculty Council and advises and acts as liaison with administration as well as faculty and other units concerned with distance education, including those that involve collaboration with other institutions. The committee coordinates its activities with those of the IUPUI Faculty Council Technology Committee, the Center for Teaching and Learning, UITS, the Office of Online Education, and individual schools..

Faculty Affairs. This committee shall advise the Council on matters involving the faculty, including but not limited to, issues of academic freedom, appointments, and tenure and promotion policies and procedures.

Faculty Grievance Advisory Committee. The IUPUI Faculty Grievance Advisory Panel is an elected faculty group designed to be available early on in the course of developing or potential grievances. Its members are available to serve as impartial consultants for faculty/librarians and administrators who seek confidential informed advice from senior faculty colleagues. The Panel members also are available to help resolve situations informally by encouraging and facilitating discussions between the parties to the grievance. At the conclusion of its work, the Faculty Grievance Advisory Panel shall not compile any report or file containing the specific information of any grievance brought to it (Bylaw IV.A.2).

IUPUI Faculty Guide.This committee shall be responsible for developing the IUPUI Faculty Guide as a supplement to the Indiana University Academic Policies. This committee then shall review the IU Policies and the IUPUI Faculty Guide annually and make recommendations concerning revisions to the Faculty Guide to the Faculty Council.

Fringe Benefits. This committee shall be responsible for reviewing needs unique to the IUPUI campus and recommending to the Council policies to deal with such needs, and shall participate in policy development and ongoing reviews of fringe benefits matters affecting the total Indiana University system.

Library Affairs. This committee shall review and advise the Council on policies and resources of the IUPUI University Library. It shall also consider issues that might affect the quality of the campus libraries. This committee may serve as a forum for the discussion of existing or proposed policies and for the critique of planning and budgetary proposals.

Metropolitan Affairs. This committee shall monitor IUPUI's community service activities, identifying needs and stimulating interest in additional interaction.

Research Affairs. This Committee shall periodically review research policies and procedures, draft revisions when necessary, and provide interpretations about those policies and procedures when questions arise. The Committee shall include faculty members from a broad range of schools across campus reflecting both faculty and student research interests and artistic/scholarly activities. The Committee shall coordinate its activities with other relevant committees with a goal of improving the environment for research at IUPUI. The Committee shall be responsible for continued communication with the administration through the IUPUI Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies.

Staff Relations. This committee shall be responsible for setting up the two Constitutionally-mandated annual joint meetings in conjunction with the Staff Council's Faculty Relations Committee. This committee shall serve in conjunction with the Staff Council's Faculty Relations Committee as a clearinghouse for information of common interest. The Committee shall, when necessary, meet independently to formulate faculty positions on faculty-staff matters.

Student Affairs. This committee shall review and make recommendations to the Council regarding matters involving student affairs. The committee shall provide advice and guidance to the Vice-Chancellor for Student Life and Diversity and to the Dean of Students in the areas of student administrative and campus life services. The committee shall maintain liaison with IUPUI student governing bodies. The committee membership shall include two full-time students: one enrolled as an undergraduate and one enrolled in either the Graduate School or one of the graduate professional programs. Appointments of student members will be made from nominations submitted to the Executive Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council by the IUPUI Undergraduate Student Assembly and the Graduate Student Organization. Student members shall have the same responsibilities and privileges as the other members of the Student Affairs Committee.

Technology. This committee shall examine overall planning, use, and funding of technology at IUPUI; and advise and act as liaison with administration, as well as faculty and other technology committees including those which are university-wide (e.g., University Faculty Council, University Information Technology Services).