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Note: Attachments to meeting agendas began receiving circular numbers on January 1, 2012. Circulars that are potential policies will not show approved policies on this page, only as they were presented at the IFC meeting. Approved policies can be found here.


  • Circular 2017-14: IUPUI Guidelines for Faculty Work Arrangements
  • Circular 2017-13: Faculty Sponsorship of Student Admission as a Beginning Freshman
  • Circular 2017-12: Board of Review Annual Report 2016-17
  • Circular 2017-11: Memorial Resolution for William Reid (School of Science)
  • Circular 2017-10: Motion to Amend the Bylaws of the IUPUI Faculty Council
  • Circular 2017-09: Statement in Support of the Safety and Wellbeing of Indiana University Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Circular 2017-08.1: Academic Standing Policy: Probation, Dismissal, Reinstatement (PDR)
  • Circular 2017-08: Academic Standing Policy: Probation, Dismissal, Reinstatement (PDR)
  • Circular 2017-07.1: Creation of an IUPUI Ombudsteam (Second Read)
  • Circular 2017-07: Creation of an IUPUI Ombudsteam
  • Circular 2017-06: Creating the title and rank of professor of teaching [discipline or field]
  • Circular 2017-05: Sanctuary Campus
  • Circular 2017-04: Memorial Resolution for John Buhner (School of Liberal Arts)
  • Circular 2017-03: Faculty Affairs Committee: Clinical Faculty Promotion Criteria and Expectations
  • Circular 2017-02: Faculty Affairs Committee: Clarification of IUPUI Emeritus Policy
  • Circular 2017-01: Memorial Resolution for William Harvey (McKinney School of Law)