Engineers Without Borders

New Orleans


 Rebuild a rentable, multi-tenant dwelling that was completely gutted after Katrina


 Use green, environmentally-friendly materials


 Focus on the use of green and sustainable materials and practices



 Build the Chiang Dao Thailand Hilltribe Heritage Center, which will consist of 10 buildings, a new well and sanitation system, and will impact an estimated 300,000 people from 12 different Hilltribes in the Chiang Mai Province near Chiang Dao


 Provide a boarding school for Hilltribe children who are currently unable to receive education due to lack of facilities


 Provide a museum to educate visitors on the culture of these people


 Educate locals on modern farming techniques that could potentially replace the current slash-and-burn technique which forces some villages to relocate frequently due to depletion of the land


 Increase the local income level, the lowness of which causes many wage-earners to travel to larger cities to find work, bringing social diseases such as AIDS with them upon their return

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