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Who may join the club?
Any IUPUI student (undergraduate or graduate), faculty or staff member may join the club.

Who may compete on the team?
In accordance with IHSA Rule 1201, competing team members must be registered as undergraduate students, and must maintain at least 12 credit hours per semester to participate in the IHSA shows. (Exceptions may be made for students who, during their final undergraduate semester, are registered for fewer credit hours.)
Graduate students who competed in IHSA events for at least one season as undergraduates may also be eligible to compete as "Alumni" riders. Please consult the IHSA Rule Book for details.

Can I take riding lessons?
Absolutely! We take Hunter Seat ("English") lessons from our coach, Dave Dorner, at his facility--Bridle Oaks Farm, in Whitestown, Indiana. His lesson fee schedule for club and team members is $350 per semester for one lesson a week, or $550 per semester for two lessons a week. If you are interested in Western Equitation, let him know.

May I take lessons, even if I do not compete on the team?
As a member of the club, you are eligible to take lessons at this rate.

What is involved in riding competitively?
We compete in about ten Intercollegiate Horse Show Assocation (IHSA) shows per school year. These shows are usually hosted by Purdue University, Taylor University, St. Mary of the Woods College, and the University of Notre Dame/St. Mary's College, and are held at the facilities at which their teams train. Shows are typically held on weekends--one show on Saturday, and one show on Sunday. Most shows require team registration at 8:00am, with "Over Fences" classes beginning at 9:00am, and "On the Flat" classes beginning afterwards, at around 12:00 noon.

How much does everything cost?
Equestrian Club at IUPUI dues - $25 annually
Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) registration - $30 per year
2006-2007 lesson fee schedule:
$350 (per semester) for one lesson per week
$550 (per semester) for one lesson per week
Show fees (paid to host school):
$25 per class (per show)
$10 per class coaching/stirrup fee (per show)

Here's a sample breakdown of annual expenses for a team member who takes one lesson per week, rides in all ten IHSA regular season shows, and shows in one class per show:
$25 - annual Club dues
$30 - 2006-2007 IHSA registration (single discipline)
$700 - one lesson per week, for two semesters ($350/semester X 2 semesters)
$350 - show fees ($25 single class fee + $10 stirrup fee, X 10 shows)
Total: $1105

Here's a breakdown of expenses for a team member who takes two lessons per week, rides in all ten IHSA regular season shows, and shows in two classes per show:
$25 - annual Club dues
$40 - 2006-2007 IHSA registration (combined discipline)
$1100 - one lesson per week, for two semesters ($350/semester X 2 semesters)
$700 - show fees ($50 dual class fee + $20 stirrup fee, X 10 shows)
Total: $1865

What other expenses are involved?
For Hunter Seat ("English") Equitation, you'll need a riding habit--boots, breeches, shirt, stock pin (for ladies) or tie (for gentlemen), jacket, coat, gloves, and an IHSA-approved helmet. Coach Dorner or other team members can help you decide what you need, and refer you to good sources (e.g., local tack shops, mail order companies, and online retailers).
Also, don't forget about travel expenses. Team members often carpool, so you may be able to save on fuel expenses by carpooling, and pitching in some gas money.
Don't forget to bring extra money for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, if you don't choose to pack your own food along. The hosting school usually sets up a concession stand from which to sell food and beverages, at nominal expense. If you have dietary restrictions (e.g., kosher, vegetarian/vegan), however, you might wish to pack your own meals!
Because most shows are held at locations within a two-hour drive of the Indianapolis area, most team members make the trip each day--even when shows are being held on both a Saturday and Sunday of one weekend. If you choose instead to stay at a nearby hotel, remember to factor in additional funds.

Do you receive any outside funding?
During the past few seasons, we have received funding from Student Activity Fees, via the IUPUI Undergraduate Student Government. These have been limited to show fees, however.

How do I join the club?
Just e-mail us at equiteam@iupui.edu, and let us know you'd like to join! We'll give you further information on contacting the coach, and arranging to take lessons.

What if I have more questions?
Just ask! E-mail us at equiteam@iupui.edu.


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