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Article One
This organization is named the Equestrian Team at IUPUI and combines both competitive and non-competitive members into one team.
The purpose of this organization is to facilitate the educations of IUPUI students in the study of horses and horsemanship. We provide an opportunity for students to learn how to ride, care for, and appreciate horses. The team also provides opportunities for students to compete against other universities in equestrian sports through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).
This organization and its members shall not discriminate against anyone for reasons of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability or status as a Vietnam-era or special disabled veterans.

Article Two
All voting members must be registered students at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis . In accordance with IHSA rule 1201, competing members must be registered as undergraduate students and maintain at least 12 credit hours per semester to participate in the IHSA shows. Non-voting, non-competing membership is open to students, faculty, alumni, etc. who express an interest in the team.

Article Three
At the end of both the fall and spring semesters, elections will be held to select officers for the coming semester. Elected positions include the following:
Vice President
Each elected officer must have a strict commitment to meeting attendance and completion of that office's duties, which are listed in the by laws. If missing a meeting is unavoidable, then another officer must be notified as soon as possible to handle the absent officer's duties.
The candidates will be selected by nomination and seconding. If more than one person has been nominated, then a vote will be held by anonymous ballot and decided by majority of votes. In the case of a tie, a re-vote will be held including only the candidates whom tied. At this time if a tie is found on the second tally, a coin-toss will designate the winner of the vote.
When in the case of officer resignation, a ballot vote may be cast two weeks following the officer's written notice of resignation to the team.
If for any reason an officer has not or cannot perform the designated duties of office, the remainder of the executive committee shall unanimously agree to propose a vote to remove said officer. Within two weeks of proposal, a vote will be taken from team members. A vote of three-fourths of voting team members must be reached to successfully remove the officer from office.

Article Four
Committees will be formed as needed by the officers and may consist of any active members of the team. Officers will ask for volunteers for each task. Volunteers will be grouped in committees ranging from two to five with one leader per group. The leader will report weekly progress to the President and advise the officers of any changes in the committee.

Article Five
The adviser must be a full-time member of the University faculty or Administrative & Professional Staff. The adviser will receive monthly updates from the team president and will be expected to aid the officers with any University relates questions or paperwork.

Article Six
Meetings will be held bi-weekly or as deemed appropriate by the officers. Meetings will be held on a day and time selected on or before the first meeting of each semester. Emergency meetings may be called at the request of two or more officers. Other members can suggest an emergency meeting by contacting an officer and stating the subject matter. All active members of the Equestrian Team must be notified of emergency meetings via e-mail and/or phone calls.

Article Seven
An article may be amended if 2/3 of the voting team members are present, the concern is presented, and reasonable argument and support of the amendment are stated. Following discussion, there must be a motion to vote and the motion must be seconded. There must be a two-thirds majority vote by show of hands in favor of the change in order to amend an article.

Article Eight
In the case of dissolution, any remaining funds in the team account shall be withdrawn and given to Dave Dorner unless said funds were supplied by IUPUI. Any remaining debts incurred during the current year shall be the responsibility of all team members to divide and pay. The payment method shall be decided in a 3/4 majority vote when 2/3 of the active members of the team are present.


Show Funding
In order to receive team funding to show, competing members must be actively involved in team meetings and/or activities. Funding for show entry fees for all non-IUPUI hosted shows is provided on a limited basis by the Joint Allocations Committee empowered by the Undergraduate Student Assembly. If funding is not available for all members who wish to enter, an emergency meeting will be held to decide appropriate actions. The team will also encourage donations and sponsorships by local companies and members.

Coaching & Membership Fees
Members who participate in competition shall pay the team coach $10 per class entered. The $10 fee covers adjusting stirrups, advice about the horse, and instructions during the class. This fee is due prior to the beginning of the show. Team membership is $25 per semester payable at the first or second meeting of each semester. IHSA membership is $20 per rider for the year payable to the regional director at the first show of the semester.

Voting on any issue may not take place unless a quorum of at least 2/3 of the team is present. The majority of the elected officers must be present within this quorum (3/4). All attending members of the meeting can motion, second, and actively participate in voting if all of these designations are satisfied. In order to amend the constitution and/or by-laws, the proposed change must be voted on no later than two weeks after the motion to change is presented. If the motion to change carries, all necessary changes will be made to the constitution/by-laws. The revised document will be read at the next meeting by the secretary, and then a majority vote will be made to adopt the revised constitution permanently.

Preparation for Summer Break
It is the responsibility of the current team President to start the team the following fall (e.g., set the first meeting, coordinate with Student Life and Diversity Programs, attend and IHSA Coaches meetings with Coach, etc.) If the President is unable, due to any reason, then one of the other officers shall take that responsibility (in order of descent: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). Officers shall meet AT LEAST once per month over summer break to discuss possible team activities and ways to keep members involved. If an officer is graduating in May, an active member of the team will be elected as a summer officer, subject to elections in the fall, at the last meeting in April. This newly elected officer will be voted in by majority vote. One of the previous year's officers MUST reserve a table at the Student Activities Fair in the beginning of the next fall semester.

Officers Duties

- Leads all meetings
- Oversees other officer's duties, handling any overflow with prior consent of acting officer
- Representative for Undergraduate Student Assembly
Administrative contact for all IUPUI official correspondence
Contacts coaches regarding upcoming team activities and meetings

Performs President's duties in their absence
- In charge of distributing all show material to all members
- Attends coaches meetings at IHSA Shows in the absence of the coach
- Coordinates all show entries in a timely manner

Takes minutes at all team meetings
- Reads prior meeting minutes at the beginning of every meeting
- Writes monthly newsletter and distributes to all members, either via email or post office, whichever is preferred
- Keeps track of competing members' cumulative show points

Prepares a finance report for every meeting, including all activity and current balances
- Coordinates all billing and cash flow for the team
- Develops a budget for shows, activities, and school funding
- Attends financial workshop and financial hearings in regards to funding as required by the Joint Allocations Committee

The officers shall decide to form any or all of the following committees as necessary. If a committee is formed, a committee chairperson will be appointed. The committee itself can consist of any willing members of the team.

Organizes team events and activities
- Plans all fundraising
- Arranges for team apparel
- Plans and presents the annual team calendar

Organizes IUPUI hosted shows
- Arranges for awards, judges, etc within a given budget supplied by the team Treasurer

In charge of all team promotion at college events and media
Introduces/Welcomes all new members to the team
Distributes information and/or IHSA rules and forms to all members and sees that all forms are complete and up to date

Maintain and update the team's website.
- Take photographs during shows and activities for use on website and/or school promotions.


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