Survivor Simulation





This field trip could be a fantastic learning opportunity for your students!

How does the Simulation work?

  • Time allotment: 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty Level: High School level (grades 9 -12)
  • Overview: Like Exchange City, there are stations that require different actions, such as purchasing insurance, marketing, investments, paying expenses, and more.  Each student is supplied an “income statement” to keep a running total of the business’s net worth.  There are also random events/expenses a student must pick up, which call for him to pay taxes, maintenance costs, etc. All of the costs and monetary items in the simulation have been researched and are accurate.  
  • Goal: At the end of the simulation (4 rotations, symbolizing 4 quarters in a year), each student calculates the worth of his business.  If the business is in debt, then the net worth will be negative.  Whoever has the highest worth will earn a prize.
  • Learning Outcomes: Students will learn about promotional tools, expenses, the impact of debt and loans, the logistics of stocks and bonds, business strategy, and keeping accurate financial information.

Logistics for the Simulation
Attached are the guidelines for the simulation, the rules handout, and an image of room set-up.  
  • Student Needs: Each student will need a pencil and calculator, if possible.  The simulation is basic, but it does require knowledge of basic math.  
  • Day-of Simulation: A general introduction to the simulation, as well as to the concepts of debt, revenue, expenses, and net worth, will take about 30 minutes before the simulation begins. To help speed up the calculation and payment processes at each table, I suggest that staff from the school can assist the club with manning the tables.  
  • Parking: The club will work with IUPUI Parking Services to obtain parking for both buses or cars. 

Next Steps: How Can I Schedule a Simulation?

Once you’ve decided the simulation is right for you and your students, please email  
*** As space and slots fill quickly, please email us as soon as possible to schedule your simulation.
If you have any questions, email  We would love to have your school attend and your students learn more about Entrepreneurship!

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