Division of Enrollment Management


The mission of Enrollment Management is to enhance the quality of the
IUPUI student body and the overall educational experience by

  • Effectively cultivating, recruiting, admitting, and enrolling a well-prepared and diverse student population to meet the criteria of IUPUI’s enrollment management plan;
  • Supporting students with scholarships (undergraduate) and financial aid services (undergraduate and graduate);
  • Providing efficient systems, resources and services to assist students in their interactions with the university;
  • Working with academic units to help retain students and to improve the probability of student graduation, optimally within 4 years.


The vision of Enrollment Management is to contribute to establishing IUPUI as a premier destination for individuals from diverse backgrounds to interact within an urban environment. The offices seek to provide services of the highest quality to prospective and enrolled students through coordinated services within a courteous, welcoming environment that ensures that the campus both attracts and retains IUPUI's desired student population.

Enrollment Management is committed to providing timely and accurate data and efficient systems, resources and services to help faculty and staff perform the work of the university.