Critical Annotated Bibliography

List the author's warrants.

What is the author's claim and what type of claim is it (be sure to quote and document it accurately).

What words or phrases did the author use to qualify the claim?

How did the author refute opposition to the claim (be sure to quote and document this).

Discuss the author's credibility.

List examples of facts the author uses (be sure to quote and document).

List examples of expert testimony (quote and document).

List examples of statistics (quote and document).

List examples of emotional appeals (quote and document).


Based on your examination of the answers above, write an annotated bibliography; making a claim about this sources value  for your future argument. Based on the audience for whom the source was intended, evaluate it--what are its strengths and weaknesses? Use the answers from above to guide your evaluation. Go to resources and use the CAB template to help you format your draft.

Your annotation should be 150-200 words in length, and should start with the bibliographic citation.  The annotation should begin at the end of the citation and all of this part of the assignment should be double spaced. You will need to use the hanging indent feature in word for a proper formatting in MLA.