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Heart disease isn't just a man's disease. Heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases are devastating to women, too. In fact, coronary heart disease, which causes heart attack, is the leading cause of death for American women. Black women have a greater risk of heart disease and stroke than white women. Compared with whites, African-American men and women are more likely to die of stroke.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is working with the American Heart Association to help women like you find out your 10-year risk for developing heart disease.  With a few simple clicks, you can find out your risk.  Why not cash in on an opportunity that could save your life?



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[Midwest Region]

[Alpha] Howard University
[Alpha Alpha] Kansas City (KS)
[Alpha Beta] Fisk
[Alpha Gamma] Morgan State University
[Alpha Delta] West Virginia State
[Alpha Epsilon] Pitt
[Alpha Zeta] Talladega College
[Alpha Eta] Virginia State
[Alpha Theta] Lincoln University(MO)
[Alpha Iota] Wiley
[Alpha Kappa] Houston-Tillotson
[Alpha Lambda] North Carolina Central
[Alpha Mu] North Carolina A & T State
[Alpha Nu] University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
[Alpha Xi] South Carolina State University
[Alpha Omicron] Univ of Washington - Seattle
[Alpha Pi] Kentucky State
[Alpha Rho] Shaw University
[Alpha Sigma]
[Alpha Tau] Southern
[Alpha Upsilon] LeMoyne-Owen
[Alpha Phi] Wichita
[Alpha Chi] Tennessee State
[Alpha Psi]
[Alpha Omega] St. Louis, MO City-Wide

[Beta] Wilberforce
[Beta Alpha] Florida A & M
[Beta Beta]
[Beta Gamma] Dillard
[Beta Delta] Dallas
[Beta Epsilon] Virginia Union
[Beta Zeta] Pittsburgh State University
[Beta Eta] Alabama State
[Beta Theta] Phoenix
[Beta Iota] D. C. Teachers
[Beta Kappa] Livingstone
[Beta Lambda] University of Toledo
[Beta Mu] San Diego State
[Beta Nu] Gary
[Beta Xi]
[Beta Omicron] Corpus Christi
[Beta Pi] Bluefield
[Beta Rho] Fort Worth
[Beta Sigma]
[Beta Tau] Milwaukee
[Beta Upsilon] Langston
[Beta Phi]
[Beta Chi] Lane
[Beta Psi] Portland, OR City-Wide
[Beta Omega]

[Gamma] University of Pennslyvania
[Gamma Alpha] Xavier University of Louisiana
[Gamma Beta] Washburn
[Gamma Gamma] Philander Smith
[Gamma Delta] Galveston
[Gamma Epsilon] Texas College
[Gamma Zeta] Morris Brown College
[Gamma Eta] East St. Louis IL
[Gamma Theta] Dayton
[Gamma Iota] Hampton University
[Gamma Kappa] Buffalo, NY City Wide
[Gamma Lambda] Johnson C. Smith University
[Gamma Mu] Knoxville
[Gamma Nu] Indiana University
[Gamma Xi] Omaha, NE City-Wide
[Gamma Omicron] Evanston
[Gamma Pi] Allen
[Gamma Rho] St. Augustine's
[Gamma Sigma]
[Gamma Tau] Tuskegee
[Gamma Upsilon] Benedict
[Gamma Phi] Winston-Salem State
[Gamma Chi] Claflin
[Gamma Psi] Tougaloo Southern Christian
[Gamma Omega] Meharry Medical

[Delta] Iowa
[Delta Alpha] Bethune-Cookman
[Delta Beta] Eastern Michigan University
[Delta Gamma] Texas Southern
[Delta Delta] Alabama A & M
[Delta Epsilon] Alcorn State
[Delta Zeta] Montclair, New Jersey City Wide
[Delta Eta] University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff
[Delta Theta] Cal State - Sacramento
[Delta Iota] Grambling State University
[Delta Kappa] Central State University
[Delta Lambda] Youngstown
[Delta Mu] Maryland State
[Delta Nu] Savannah State University
[Delta Xi] Fayetteville State University
[Delta Omicron] St. Paul's
[Delta Pi] Jackson State
[Delta Rho] Albany State
[Delta Sigma]
[Delta Tau] Cheyney State
[Delta Upsilon] Western Michigan University
[Delta Phi] Ball State University
[Delta Chi] Elizabeth City State University
[Delta Psi] Detroit City-Wide
[Delta Omega] Bishop

[Epsilon] Ohio State
[Epsilon Alpha] Delaware State
[Epsilon Beta] University of Texas - Austin
[Epsilon Gamma] Pennsylvania State University
[Epsilon Delta] Temple University
[Epsilon Epsilon] Michigan State
[Epsilon Zeta] California State University - Los Angelos
[Epsilon Eta] Stillman
[Epsilon Theta] Norfolk State
[Epsilon Iota] Ohio University
[Epsilon Kappa] University of Memphis
[Epsilon Lambda]
[Epsilon Mu] Kent State University
[Epsilon Nu] San Francisco, CA City-Wide
[Epsilon Xi] Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
[Epsilon Omicron] Bowling Green State
[Epsilon Pi] Long Island, NY City-Wide
[Epsilon Rho] University of Dayton
[Epsilon Sigma]
[Epsilon Tau] New York, NY City Wide
[Epsilon Upsilon] Hartford, CT City Wide
[Epsilon Phi] Philadelphia, PA City-Wide
[Epsilon Chi] Southern University-New Orleans
[Epsilon Psi] University of Missouri - Columbia
[Epsilon Omega] Barber-Scotia

[Zeta] University of Cincinnati
[Zeta Alpha] Akron, OH City-Wide
[Zeta Beta] Wichita State
[Zeta Gamma] Youngstown State
[Zeta Delta] Bowie State
[Zeta Epsilon] Coppin State University
[Zeta Zeta] Truman State University
[Zeta Eta] University of North Texas
[Zeta Theta] Purdue University
[Zeta Iota] Northern Illinois
[Zeta Kappa] Northern Michigan
[Zeta Lambda] Central Missouri State
[Zeta Mu] Miami University of Ohio
[Zeta Nu] Indiana State
[Zeta Xi] Madison, WI City-Wide
[Zeta Omicron] Greensboro
[Zeta Pi] Denver, CO City-Wide
[Zeta Rho] Ferris State University
[Zeta Sigma] University of Houston
[Zeta Tau] Florida Memorial College
[Zeta Upsilon] San Antonio, TX City Wide
[Zeta Phi] Georgia State University
[Zeta Chi] Southern Illinois University
[Zeta Psi] University of Georgia - Athens
[Zeta Omega] Lincoln University PA

[Eta] Fort Valley
[Eta Alpha] Mississippi Valley State
[Eta Beta] Prarie View A&M University
[Eta Gamma] Kansas State University
[Eta Delta] Texas Woman's
[Eta Epsilon] West Texas State A&M
[Eta Zeta] Western Kentucky
[Eta Eta] Western Illinois
[Eta Theta] Paine
[Eta Iota] New Mexico
[Eta Kappa] Spelman College
[Eta Lambda] Texas Tech University
[Eta Mu]
[Eta Nu ] Miles
[Eta Xi] University of Tennessee - Martin
[Eta Omicron] Morehead State
[Eta Pi] Missouri - St. Louis
[Eta Rho] Eastern Kentucky University
[Eta Sigma] Northeastern University-Tahlequah, Oklahoma
[Eta Tau] Virginia Commonwealth University
[Eta Upsilon] Murray State
[Eta Phi] Voorhees
[Eta Chi] University of Nevada-Las Vegas
[Eta Psi] Lamar
[Eta Omega] San Jose State University

[Theta] Duquesne
[Theta Alpha] Northwestern University
[Theta Beta] Indiana, PA City-Wide
[Theta Gamma] Stephen F. Austin State
[Theta Delta] Illinois State University
[Theta Epsilon] Bradley
[Theta Zeta] Eastern Illinois University
[Theta Eta] Cleveland, OH City-Wide
[Theta Theta] Central Michigan
[Theta Iota] North Carolina-Wilmington
[Theta Kappa] Jarvis Christian
[Theta Lambda] Kansas State - Emporia
[Theta Mu] Oklahoma State
[Theta Nu] Texas A&M University - Commerce
[Theta Xi] University of Louisiana at Lafayette
[Theta Omicron] Culver-Stockton
[Theta Pi] Rust
[Theta Rho] Tennessee-Chattanooga
[Theta Sigma] Georgia Southwestern
[Theta Tau] Valdosta State University
[Theta Upsilon] William Paterson University
[Theta Phi] Columbus State University
[Theta Chi] Glassboro, NJ City-Wide
[Theta Psi] Los Angeles, CA City-Wide
[Theta Omega] Marshall

[Iota] Boston
[Iota Alpha] James Madison University
[Iota Beta] Trenton, NJ - City Wide
[Iota Gamma] New Mexico State University
[Iota Delta] Henderson State
[Iota Epsilon] Eureka
[Iota Zeta] Illinois Wesleyan
[Iota Eta] Texas Christian University
[Iota Theta] Louisiana State University
[Iota Iota] Catholic
[Iota Kappa] Arizona State University
[Iota Lambda] University of Alabama-Birmingham
[Iota Mu] Northwestern State
[Iota Nu] Mobile, AL - City Wide
[Iota Xi] California State (PA)
[Iota Omicron] University of Central Oklahoma
[Iota Pi] Miami, FL - City Wide
[Iota Rho] University of North Carolina-Charlotte
[Iota Sigma] Mercer
[Iota Tau] Middle Tennessee State University
[Iota Upsilon] Austin Peay State University
[Iota Phi] Chicago(IL) West Suburban City-Wide
[Iota Chi] University of South Carolina
[Iota Psi] Southeastern Oklahoma
[Iota Omega] Southwest Texas State University

[Kappa] University of California-Berkeley
[Kappa Alpha] University of Oklahoma
[Kappa Beta] Jacksonville State
[Kappa Gamma] Lander University
[Kappa Delta] State University of West Georgia
[Kappa Epsilon] Florida State University
[Kappa Zeta] Millikin
[Kappa Eta] Milwaukee, WI City-Wide
[Kappa Theta] Wisconsin Oshkosh
[Kappa Iota] University of South Florida
[Kappa Kappa] Baldwin-Wallace
[Kappa Lambda] Syracuse
[Kappa Mu] Sam Houston State
[Kappa Nu] University of Evansville
[Kappa Xi] Arkansas State
[Kappa Omicron] Univ. of N. Carolina - Chapel Hill
[Kappa Pi] Delta State
[Kappa Rho] University of Virginia
[Kappa Sigma] East Carolina
[Kappa Tau] Texas A & I
[Kappa Upsilon ] Auburn University
[Kappa Phi] University of Maryland
[Kappa Chi] Louisiana Tech
[Kappa Psi] Frostburg State
[Kappa Omega] University of California - Santa Barbara

[Lambda] University of Chicago
[Lambda Alpha] University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
[Lambda Beta] Clarion
[Lambda Gamma] Millersville
[Lambda Delta] Idaho State
[Lambda Epsilon] Kansas City, MO City-Wide
[Lambda Zeta] University of Alabama
[Lambda Eta] Old Dominion
[Lambda Theta] University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
[Lambda Iota] Providence, RI - City Wide
[Lambda Kappa] University of Maryland - Baltimore County
[Lambda Lambda] Ashland
[Lambda Mu] Southern Arkansas University
[Lambda Nu] Paul Quinn
[Lambda Xi] University of California - Davis
[Lambda Omicron] Charleston (SC)
[Lambda Pi] Grand Valley State University
[Lambda Rho] Northeast Louisiana
[Lambda Sigma] University of Mississippi
[Lambda Tau] Pacific CA
[Lambda Upsilon] University of Central Arkansas
[Lambda Phi] Marquette
[Lambda Chi] University of Texas - Arlington
[Lambda Psi] University of Florida
[Lambda Omega] Duke University

[Mu] University of Pittsburgh
[Mu Alpha] Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
[Mu Beta] George Washington University
[Mu Gamma] Ithaca
[Mu Delta] Findlay
[Mu Epsilon] University of Kentucky
[Mu Zeta] University of Tennessee - Knoxville
[Mu Eta] University of Arizona
[Mu Theta] Lewis
[Mu Iota] University of Central Florida
[Mu Kappa] University of Arkansas-Little Rock
[Mu Lambda] New Mexico State
[Mu Mu] Towson State
[Mu Nu] University of Southern Mississippi
[Mu Xi] Augusta State
[Mu Omicron] North Carolina State University
[Mu Pi] University of Delaware
[Mu Rho] Vanderbilt University
[Mu Sigma] Cameron
[Mu Tau] University of New Orleans
[Mu Upsilon] College of William & Mary
[Mu Phi] Kettering University
[Mu Chi] University of California - Riverside
[Mu Psi] Baltimore, MD City-Wide
[Mu Omega] Georgia Medical

[Nu] Michigan
[Nu Alpha] American Washington, DC - City Wide
[Nu Beta] Mississippi State University
[Nu Gamma] Northwest Missouri
[Nu Delta] Southeastern Louisiana University
[Nu Epsilon] Minneapolis, MN - City Wide
[Nu Zeta] Southeastern Massachusetts
[Nu Eta] Gary, Indiana - City Wide
[Nu Theta] Troy State
[Nu Iota] Southern Methodist
[Nu Kappa] West Florida
[Nu Lambda] California State University - Sacramento
[Nu Mu] Tulane University
[Nu Nu]
[Nu Xi]
[Nu Omicron] University of Montevallo
[Nu Pi]
[Nu Rho] Maryland Eastern Shore City-Wide
[Nu Sigma]Charleston Southern
[Nu Tau] Georgia College & State
[Nu Upsilon] San Diego, CA - City Wide
[Nu Phi] Ohio Wesleyan
[Nu Chi] Utica College of Syracuse University
[Nu Psi] Radford University
[Nu Omega]

[Xi] Louisville
[Xi Alpha] Georgia Institute of Technology
[Xi Beta] Winthrop
[Xi Gamma]Long Island, NY City-Wide
[Xi Delta] University of West Alabama
[Xi Epsilon]
[Xi Zeta] Southeastern
[Xi Eta] Georgia Southern
[Xi Theta] Nicholls State University
[Xi Iota] South Carolina - City Wide
[Xi Kappa]
[Xi Lambda] California State-Fullerton
[Xi Mu]
[Xi Nu]Rutgers
[Xi Xi] California State Polytechnic-Pomona
[Xi Omicron]Francis Marion
[Xi Pi]Albany, NY City-Wide
[Xi Rho]
[Xi Sigma]
[Xi Tau] Cambridge, MA - City Wide
[Xi Upsilon]Birmingham -Southern College
[Xi Phi]
[Xi Chi]California State-Fresno
[Xi Psi] Pullman, WA Core
[Xi Omega]

[Omicron] Nebraska
[Omicron Alpha] Queens, NY City-Wide
[Omicron Beta]
[Omicron Gamma] University of Alabama-Huntsville Univ. of Alabama - Huntsville
[Omicron Delta] Bennett College
[Omicron Epsilon] Mississippi University for Women
[Omicron Zeta] Oakland University
[Omicron Eta] University of North Carolina - Greensboro
[Omicron Theta] Wittenberg University
[Omicron Iota] Elon College
[Omicron Kappa] State University of NY-New Paltz
[Omicron Lambda]Cal. State Univ. - Long Beach
[Omicron Mu]
[Omicron Nu] Univ. of North Carolina - Pembroke
[Omicron Xi] Emory
[Omicron Omicron]LaSalle
[Omicron Pi] Southeast Missouri State University
[Omicron Rho]George Mason University
[Omicron Sigma]
[Omicron Tau] Christopher Newport University
[Omicron Upsilon] West Virginia
[Omicron Phi] Clemson University
[Omicron Chi] Palo Alto & Santa Clara - City Wide
[Omicron Psi] California State-Bakersfield
[Omicron Omega] Texas A&M University

[Pi Alpha] New Haven, CT City-Wide
[Pi Beta] Rochester, NY City-Wide Rochester, NY - City Wide
[Pi Gamma] Western Carolina
[Pi Delta]
[Pi Epsilon]
[Pi Zeta] McNeese State University
[Pi Eta] State University of NY - Binghamton
[Pi Theta] Dartmouth College
[Pi Iota] Springfield, MA City-Wide
[Pi Kappa] Denison University
[Pi Lambda]Westchester County NY - City Wide
[Pi Mu] Longwood College
[Pi Nu]Southern Polytechnic University
[Pi Xi]
[Pi Omicron] Wake Forest University
[Pi Pi]
[Pi Rho]
[Pi Sigma]State University of NY-Old Westbury
[Pi Tau]
[Pi Upsilon]
[Pi Phi]
[Pi Chi] Cal State University - Dominguez Hills
[Pi Psi] University of California-Santa Cruz
[Pi Omega] Aurora University

[Rho] Columbia University
[Rho Alpha] West Chester University
[Rho Beta] Southwest Missouri State University
[Rho Gamma] Memphis, TN City-Wide
[Rho Delta] University of Tulsa
[Rho Epsilon] Princeton University
[Rho Zeta] Poughkeepsie, NY City-Wide
[Rho Eta] Baylor University
[Rho Theta]
[Rho Iota] Harrisburg, PA Core
[Rho Kappa] Oberlin, OH - City Wide
[Rho Lambda] University of South Carolina-Aiken
[Rho Mu]Saginaw Valley State University Core
[Rho Nu]
[Rho Xi] Xavier(OH)
[Rho Omicron] Slippery Rock
[Rho Pi] Edinboro, PA Core
[Rho Rho] University of Richmond
[Rho Sigma]
[Rho Tau]
[Rho Upsilon]
[Rho Phi]
[Rho Chi]
[Rho Psi] University of Houston - Downtwon
[Rho Omega]


[Sigma] Clark Atlanta University (LA Alumnae chapter)
[Sigma Alpha] University of North Florida
[Sigma Beta]
[Sigma Gamma]
[Sigma Delta] University of MO-Rolla University of Missouri - Rolla
[Sigma Epsilon] Kennesaw State University
[Sigma Zeta] Northern Kentucky University
[Sigma Eta]
[Sigma Theta]
[Sigma Iota] Lynchburg College
[Sigma Kappa]
[Sigma Lambda]
[Sigma Mu] University of Texas at Dallas
[Sigma Nu] Missouri Western State College
[Sigma Xi]
[Sigma Omicron] Utah State
[Sigma Pi]
[Sigma Rho] University of Alaska-Anchorage
[Sigma Sigma]
[Sigma Tau]California State-Stanislaus
[Sigma Upsilon] University of WI-Parkside Clayton College & State University
[Sigma Phi] University of Arkansas - Monticello
[Sigma Chi] West Virginia Wesleyan College
[Sigma Psi] University of the Virgin Islands-St. Thomas
[Sigma Omega] University of the Virgin Islands

[Tau] Wayne State
[Tau Alpha] Armstrong Atlantic State University
[Tau Beta] Indiana University of Pennsylvania
[Tau Gamma] Indiana-Fort Wayne City-Wide
[Tau Delta]
[Tau Epsilon]
[Tau Zeta]
[Tau Eta] Brenau University
[Tau Theta]
[Tau Iota] University of Tampa
[Tau Kappa]
[Tau Lambda]
[Tau Mu]
[Tau Nu]
[Tau Xi]
[Tau Omicron] Mercer University - Atlanta
[Tau Pi]
[Tau Rho]University of Miami

[Upsilon] USC

[Phi] Drake/Iowa State

[Chi] Indianapolis

[Psi] University of Kansas

[Omega] Cleveland

Current Chi