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Equipment Malfunction, Loss, or Damage

Any equipment that malfunctions, is lost, or is damaged should be reported to CTS immediately by calling 317-274-8400 or emailing

In case of malfunction, we will try to repair or replace the item as soon as possible. While in many cases the item can be substituted rapidly, some pieces of equipment may take longer to disassemble and reinstall. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

All equipment must be left operational and in good working order after each class or usage. Users assume full responsibility for damage or loss of equipment due to negligence or abuse, and will be charged for the cost of replacement or restoration to normal operating condition.

Intentional vandalism or theft of equipment will be investigated and pursued by campus police.

Damaged Media

Given the fact that the equipment is used by many people, we check it several times a week and repair or replace the equipment as needed. There is, however, still the possibility that the media you use with portable or installed equipment could be damaged. This is an extremely infrequent occurrence, but the risk is still there.

In the event that a videocassette, DVD, audiocassette, computer disk, or other media are damaged, it is normally not possible to tell if the media were defective, or if the equipment malfunctioned. This being the case, we always check the equipment to ensure it is continuing to work properly, replacing or repairing the equipment as necessary. You assume only the minimal risk to your media in using the equipment. We will be unable to reimburse you for damage to the media used with our equipment.

To ensure there is no loss of critical media, we suggest that you assess the replacement potential of the media being used. This should include audio compact discs, audiocassettes, DVDs, videocassettes, computer diskettes, CD-ROMS, flash drives, etc.

For computer removable, writeable media (diskettes, CDROMS, flash drives), keep a copy of the data files that you are using in a separate storage location (another computer, USB storage device, etc.). With computers, data can be lost because of hardware/media failure or corruption via a worm or virus. While the software is continually updated with the latest patches and virus definitions, it is impossible to completely eliminate the threat posed by worm or virus. We recommend that you follow the Information Technology Security Office security guidelines.


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