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请注意,主网站位于 IU 网区之外。

Please note that the main website is outside the IU domain.


本站为印第安纳大学与普渡大学印第安纳波里斯联合分校(IUPUI)中国学生学者联合会 (CSSA)官方网站,网站正在建设中,目前只有两位成员上下运作,积极管理, 希望能尽早能为大家提供一个交流平台,并希望有兴趣的同学加入学生会, 也希望得到社会各人士和单位的支持。请感兴趣的同学移步主网站下的 招贤纳士 板块。如需要联系管理员,请致信 iupuicssa (at) gmail (dot) com 。

IUPUI Chinese Student and Scholar Association

IUPUI has a large Chinese population and keep fast speed growing in recent years among all the universities in U.S. IUPUI-CSSA aim to build up a commination bridge between Chinese community and IUPUI campus, at same time bring diverse culture element in to IUPUI.

IUPUI-CSSA membership is open to all Chinese undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff members of IUPUI Non-student spouses and family members of Chinese students, alumni of IUPUI, and other individuals who love China and Chinese culture or simply want to know Chinese culture are also welcome to join IUPUICSSA.

IUPUI-CSSA is purely run by volunteers. In the future, this group of students will voluntarily work for the Chinese community and IUPUI community. They contribute their spare time and even their own money and facilities. Hope through these volunteers, more Chinese students will get involved in the services and self-services, enjoy their time at IUPUI and enrich IUPUI campus.