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Course Remonstrance

Filing a Remonstrance

If you have objections to approving  the offering of any course on the remonstrance list please state your objections in writing or via email directly to the chair of the department requesting approval for the course. Be as detailed as possible in stating your objections.

Please copy for undergraduate courses or for graduate and professional courses (courses numbered 500+).

If the objections between the parties are resolved prior to the end of the remonstrance period the course will continue through the approval process. A course with any objections filed against it will not move to the final approval stage until all parties agree that the objections have been resolved.

If the dispute can not be resolved between the objecting party and the chair of the department requesting approval for the course the course may either be withdrawn by the requesting department or the issue may be forwarded to the Executive Vice Chancellor and the Chief Academic Officer for a decision.