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Course Approval and Course Remonstrance

An online Course Approval System is available to request a new course or request a course change. This system allows a faculty member or other approved academic unit official to submit a request online which will then route to designated individuals as part of a workflow process. Once the request has been approved at all levels, the course request will be posted to the All University Course Remonstrance list on the 1st day of the upcoming month; the current course list will be available for review until the end of the month. Objections to any proposed courses should be raised following the Course Remonstrance process.

NOTE about Browser Issues/Recommendations when using CARMIN:

  • It has been reported to UITS that there are function and data issues when using Chrome. 
  • The current UITS recommendation is to use Firefox.
  • The second alternative is Internet Explorer.  If issues persist with this browser, go to Tools on the top-right and then click ‘Compatibility View.’  This action only needs to be done once.
  • CARMIn questions may be sent to the following e-mail:  USSS Course Catalog (

Initiate a new course request or request a course change (from

  • Faculty Users: Log into Click in the Search box and type, CARMIn and press ENTER. Click the Initiate New Course/Course Change Request (CARMIn) task icon.
  • Approved Administrative Users: Log into Click in the Search box and type, CARMIn and press ENTER. Click the Initiate New Course/Course Change Request (CARMIn) task icon.

General Education Course — if you are submitting a course to be approved as an IUPUI General Education course, please be sure to follow these steps in the process:

1.  One of the sections on the form will be labeled: General Education Questions
The following question appears for undergraduate course requests:
Does this course satisfy General Education requirements.
Select “Yes”
2.  In the section labeled: Essential Syllabus Information there is a section for
Learning Outcome/Objectives:
Enter information about which Statewide Course Competency will be met
by this particular course and then which IUPUI competency will be met
3.  Attach your completed Course Proposal for IUPUI Gen Ed Course
4.  Attach a completed Course Syllabus

The remainder of the course request form should be self-explanatory but complete detail about the form and the course remonstrance process can be found here.

Review current course remonstrance list
           This list is available to all faculty and staff from the One.IU links mentioned above.

File a Course Remonstrance

For questions regarding remonstrance process, please email one of the individuals below:

Undergraduate Courses
* numbered 499 and below
Mary Anne Black
Manager of Academic Scheduling and Schedule of Classes
IUPUI Office of the Registrar
CE 250
  Graduate Courses
* Numbered 500 +
Dezra Despain
Curriculum and Recruitment Specialist
IUPUI Graduate Office
UL 1170