Copy and Paste[1] a URL into Word or another Application and Create a Working Hyperlink[2]



Working hyperlinks in a Word document or other applications allow you to open a web page—assuming you have the Internet open—by just clicking on the hyperlink.  Use copy and paste procedures to put the URL into an application.  Press the Spacebar or Enter key on the keyboard to make it working or active.


A URL before it is made active or working: http://www.engr.iupui/edu/~stevens/cit106

An active or working hyperlink:

Procedures to Copy and Paste a URL into Word or Other Applications and Create a Working Hyperlink

  1. Open Word and Internet Explorer (or another browser).

Tip:  Move and size both windows so they display side-by-side.  It is a more visual way to follow the copy and paste process.


  1. Switch to Internet Explorer (or another browser).
  2. Select the URL in the browser.
  3. Right click on the mouse.
  4. Select Copy from the drop down menu. The URL goes to the Clip Board.


  1. Switch to Word.
  2. Put the cursor where you want place the URL.
  3. Right click on the mouse.
  4. Select .Paste from the drop down menu. The URL appears but is not active yet.  For example, http://www.engr.iupui/edu/~stevens/cit106.
  5. Press the ENTER key or SPACEBAR on the keyboard after you paste the URL.  The URL will become an active hyperlink.  For example,

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[1] There are a variety of ways to copy and paste.  See application Help for more techniques.

[2] Tutorial presumes the use of Office 2007 and Internet Explorer