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Our facilities are finite and rules have been set up to ensure that; 1) the laboratory equipment can be maintained in good repair and 2) each student and faculty member receives their fair share of utilization. The following are guidelines set up to insure that the equipment and facilities of the Communication Technology Laboratory are utilized to their fullest and still remain easily accessible to all.

  1. You may reserve the laboratory facilities but you may not reserve more than one block of time at any one time. So, if you reserve time on a video editing bay for two weeks from now - for instance - you could not reserve any more time on a video editing bay until you have either used that time or canceled it.
  2. You may reserve loan equipment up to two weeks ahead but you may not reserve equipment for more than one advance date at a time.
  3. Check-out on all equipment is limited to two (2) days each time it is removed from the lab. If, at the end of two days, you require more time with the equipment the lab supervisor may extend the loan period if there is no immediate need for that equipment. If, however, that equipment is on reserve for that day the equipment must be brought back on the due date.
  4. You are responsible for the equipment you borrow. If you find that a piece of equipment is broken or you accidentally break something yourself please inform the laboratory office as soon as possible. We need to get such equipment repaired as soon as possible. Although we expect that equipment will not last forever some breakage may be considered beyond the regular wear and tear expected from normal use. In these cases the individual con expect to pay for such repairs or replacement as necessary.
  5. All facility materials and equipment should be returned to their proper place, turned off and/or cleaned up after you have finished using them.
  6. Any loaned equipment which is not returned on the due date and/or has not been extended by the due date will be considered late. A late fee of $1.00 a day per item up to a maximum of $10.00 will be charged.
  7. All equipment must be returned by the end of each semester. Students with equipment or outstanding charges will be put on academic checklist until such equipment and fees have been collected. A letter informing each student of this action will be sent by the Communication Technology Laboratory during finals week.


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