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Clinical Proteomics and Metabolomics

Proteomics Collage

Clinical proteomics and metabolomics are rapidly growing fields and refer to the application of technologies to identify disease-related alterations and to develop molecular signatures for disease processes. For many diseases the plasma proteome and metabolome are the most interesting. For a long time now, many protein and metabolite markers have been used in the clinic for the diagnosis of disease. However, other areas such as eye disease might benefit even more. Recent advances in mass spectrometry instrumentation, protein and peptide separation methods, and informatics tools have fueled the rapid growth of clinical proteomics and metabolomics. This enables the discovery and identification of new biomarkers to aid in disease diagnosis, prediction of clinical outcome, and the monitoring of therapy. However, the integration of proteomics and metabolomics into clinical research is not trivial and requires a well organized infrastructure with close collaborations between analytical chemists, statisticians, medical informaticians and clinical researchers as is present in the Center for Computational Diagnostics.

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