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Acute leukemia is a type of cancer that begins in the blood-forming process in the bone marrow, when too many diseased blood cells are produced. These cells cannot perform their usual function of fighting infection, causing the symptoms associated with this disease. Leukemia typically occurs in young children, and there are many different subtypes, each responding differently to treatment. The Center is conducting clinical trials to identify and analyze specific protein biomarkers in leukemia that correspond to the various subtypes. In addition, leukemia is used as an example for the development of sophisticated visualization tools that will help doctors and scientists to make better sense of the large amount of data that each patient accumulates over the course of their disease, as well as the large amount of research data produced around the world.

To participate in the clinical trial at Riley Hospital for Children, a small amount of extra blood and bone marrow is collected from each study participant at the time of diagnosis or relapse when bone marrow and blood examination are routinely done. For more information about this trial, please contact Joy Rupenthal at (317) 274-4415.

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