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The Center is focusing on biomarker discovery in high impact diseases such as childhood cancers, heart disease and blindness. Advances in medical research now require coordination and integration of a variety of disciplines, including those that are outside traditional biomedical fields. The Center for Computational Diagnostics allows physicians at the Indiana University School of Medicine to combine forces with a broad multi-disciplinary research team that has expertise in proteomics, metabolomics, computer science, visualization, mathematics, and statistics to advance our knowledge of life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and childhood cancer. The major focuses of the Center's collaboration have been the creation of a Biospecimen Repository, the study of biomarkers in blood and eye fluid, and the application of visualization methods to large medical datasets. The Center is focusing on biomarkers in childhood cancers, heart disease and eye disease. With the support of volunteers and contributions from generous donors, we are confident our studies advance our knowledge of these diseases and contribute to more successful medical treatments.

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