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Healthy Donor Blood Banking


We are collecting small samples of blood from volunteer donors, children at Riley Hospital for Children, and adults at Indiana University General Clinical Research Center to make up a large bank of healthy donor specimens. These specimens will be used to determine what proteins should be found in a non-diseased individual. Then, the proteins of these samples can be compared with the samples taken from individuals with disease (Osteosarcoma, Leukemia, Wilms Tumor, Neuroblastoma, and heart disease). Finding the differences between the specific proteins can provide physicians with the ability to personalize treatment by following the response in the blood. In addition, these blood tests can be used to monitor patients with cancer for a recurrence of their disease and to follow treatment progress for each patient individually.

We are currently looking for volunteers (age birth to 30) who are healthy and free of any illnesses. Participants donate a small amount of blood (1-2 tablespoons), which will be used as a comparison to blood from children with cancer. The study visit will last approximately 30 min. For more information about this trial, or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Joy Rupenthal (Riley Hospital- participants under age of 18) at (317) 274-4415 or
Carole Weir (University Hospital- participants of any age) at (317) 274-0955

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