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Why Support Research?

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Imagine if doctors could be able to accurately predict which treatment is optimal for every single patient. Every day researchers at the Center for Computational Diagnostics work to make tomorrows cures possible. The question is not if, but when. Your support of our translational research is essential to the success of the Center's collaborative efforts with the Physicians at Indiana University School of Medicine, because translational research is the critical link between discoveries and treatment in the clinic. Patients cannot be effectively treated without doctors who understand their disease, and diseases cannot be understood without researchers who study their characteristics. The Center for Computational Diagnostics strives to improve the cure rate of fatal diseases by uniting the efforts of doctors, chemists, molecular biologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and most importantly, you the supporter. Your help is necessary, whether as a volunteer or a donor, to enable this multidisciplinary research to succeed. The research at the Center for Computational Diagnostics today, gives patients and their families the promise of cures tomorrow.

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