There are many ways you can help by volunteering and with donations. Learn more about different ways to help.

Make A Donation

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One of the best ways to support research is to make a donation. Donations provide researchers with the tools and resources necessary to support their work. Your gift to the Center for Computational Diagnostics helps:

Provide Necessary Equipment and Supplies

Much of the equipment needed to conduct research is cutting-edge and expensive. Donations provide the scientists with the resources needed to execute experiments that may result in the understanding of diseases.

Support Collaboration

The Center is working with researchers all over the world to bring cutting edge knowledge and technology to Indiana. More researchers working together mean a larger base of knowledge with more diverse skills in bringing about successful solutions. Research today means a cure tomorrow!

Train Tomorrow's Researchers

Cross-training young researchers in disciplines different from their own are one of the keys to highly successful multidisciplinary research. Mathematicians and computer scientists, for example, need to learn about medical research, proteomics and cancer biology to be able to incorporate their skills and expertise into current clinical research.

Every Gift Counts

We see every gift as a treasure that we guard carefully. Your gift will make a difference no matter how much you decide to give. Many small gifts make big things happen.

To Make a Gift:

There are many ways to make a gift to the Center for Computational Diagnostics. For more information please contact:

Amber M. Kleopfer

Development Officer
IU Cancer Center

IU School of Medicine Office of Gift Development

1110 W. Michigan Street, LO 506
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5100
Phone: 317-274-3270 (Indiana) or 800-643-6975

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