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Biomedical Engineering Technology Program

Courses Available on via the Internet

To learn more, you need to have access to the classroom. Now you can learn where ever there is a computer connected to the Internet. IUPUI is proud to offer unique educational opportunities for Biomedical Equipment Technicians and those who would like to be in this field. College credit is available over the world wide web. A total of seven classes are currently offered using distance education in the BMET program. All classes earn Purdue University credit.

Combine the reputation of Purdue University, the power of Oncourse (an Internet learning environment), and flexibility to study around your work and personal life. The result: an incredible opportunity to expand your career opportunities in the Biomedical field.

(Please note: the entire BMET AS degree is NOT available from Purdue University without significant ON CAMPUS time.  Students who are looking to pursue an entire degree are encourage to work with Thomas Edison State College ( who will accept these courses towards their degree which can be "packaged," accepting credit from a variety of institutions.)

BMET 220 Applied Human Biology for BMET (3 credits)

Preq: none

Essential human biology, anatomy, physiology and medical terminology for Biomedical Equipment Technicians. Focus on the vocabulary necessary for effective communication in the hospital environment as part of the health care team.  Course available on the Internet.  

BMET 240 Introduction to Medical Electronics (3 credits)

Preq: fundamental knowledge of electronics

An introduction to the field of Biomedical Electronics Technology. Introduction to physiologic measurements, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, and applicable pressure and temperature measurements. Operation of common biomedical electronic equipment is discussed. Hospital departments and safety regulations are explained.  Course available on the Internet.  

BMET 310 Introduction to Radiography Systems (3 credits)

Preq: BMET 220 or equivalent, basic knowledge of electronics

The fundamentals of diagnostic radiography equipment will be explored. The principles of an x-ray system will be explained including the x-ray generation, image formation and film processing. Focus will be on both safety and quality.  Course available on the Internet.  

BMET 420  Technology and Special Patient Populations (3 credits)

Preq: BMET 320 or equivalent or consent of instructor

This course focuses on special patient populations in the clinical environment and the equipment used in their care.  Populations would include neonates, cardiac intensive care patients, surgical patients and trauma.  Emphasis is placed on medical needs and the related technologies.  Course available on the Internet.  

BMET 440 Codes, Regulations and Patient Safety (3 credits)

Preq: BMET 320 or equivalent or consent of instructor

This course explores applicable NFPA 99, JCAHO, CLIA, FDA and other regulatory agencies and their regulations governing medical equipment in the clinical environment.  Case studies will be used to provide examples of interpretation and application.  Course available on the Internet.  

BMET 470 Current Issues in BMET (3 credits)

Preq: BMET 320 or equivalent or consent of instructor

This course will focus on the most current topics in the biomedical community.  Nationally recognized experts will present facts and discuss trends.  Current journal articles and research will support the presentations.  Course available on the Internet.  

For more information, contact Barbara Christe, Program Director at or 317-274-7591

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