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[Banner]: The Confucius Insitiute at Indianapolis

Services (Translating Tutoring Interpreting)

Tutoring Services:
Individual Chinese language tutoring is offered to those who would like to have one-on-one time with an instructor to learn Chinese language and culture. The teaching time is flexible based on the individual’s schedule.  Payment is made during the first class you meet every time.

Student: $25/hour; IUPUI Staff Faculty: $30/hour; Regular: $35/hour

Group (2 People): Student: $40/hour; IUPUI Staff Faculty: $45/hour; Regular: $55/hour

Group (3 People): Student: $55/hour; IUPUI Staff Faculty: $60/hour; Regular: $75/hour

Classes meet at the IUPUI Confucius Institute; Additional $15 per meeting if classes are off campus.

If interested, please email and let us know your proposed schedule (include availability) and we will get back to you.  Parking is the student’s responsibility.

Translation Services:
For standard documents such as drivers license, diploma, or marriage certificate, the following rates apply: non-students $25.00/document; Students $20.00/document.  Please allow 2 days to be completed.  If you need same day service, an extra $10 per document will be added.  Usually same day service takes about 15 minutes depending on the translators availability.  For these type of translations we will need to see the actual document in person.  We accept cash or check only.  Under special circumstances you can send us a copy through email to  Please make sure it is clear.  You will also need to send check payment to our address and include your return address.  Once we have received payment we will mail the original to you.

For all other documents, such as transcripts, medical reports, etc… a rate of $.12 to $.25 per word may be charged.
Quotes are assessed based on deadline and technicality of the document.  Please send a copy of the document to and the date you need it to be completed.  We will then send you a quote.  We will start on the document once you have approved our quote.  Please allow enough time for us to do the translations.

For those that need their Chinese driver’s license translated – Please make sure to bring all pages (both cards) of your license.  Also, in order for you to obtain an Indiana driver’s license you must provide at any Indiana license branch the required identification and residency documents outlined at Your documents will be scanned sent to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for verification.
You must take a vision test, a written operator’s test over the material in the Indiana Driving Manual ( and take a driving test (which must be scheduled in advance). If you pass all tests you will receive a temporary license to use until your documents are verified by DHS. You will then receive your official driver’s license in the mail (usually 30 to 60 days).

Residents With An Out-Of-Country License

Interpretation Services:
Chinese-English interpretation services are offered at rates of $100/hour or $600/day for parties, and $50/hour or $300/day for nonprofits.  A particular day is defined as no more than 6 hours (lunch hours excluded).  We hold the same standard as the AIIC ( has for conference interpreters.  Please let us know your proposed schedule (with dates/times needed), brief background on your event and what kind of expertise you are looking for in the interpreter.  You may send this information to

We only accept cash or check made payable to “IUPUI”

CONTACT: 317-278-7900

Due to holiday breaks and cultural events we apologize for any delay in our responses.