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TV Programs

Waves of Fortune: China’s Maritime Silk Road

Throughout its long history, China has alternately opened its borders and walled itself off from the outside world. It was also an integral part of The Silk Road, a vast network of trade routes over land and sea. Ports in Southern China anchored what later became the Maritime Silk Road. As a result, the region became a melting pot of cultures, religions, and exotic goods. The ancient maritime route has inspired an ambitious trillion-dollar economic initiative as China charts a new course for the future. Anthropologist Ian McIntosh takes viewers on a fascinating trip to some of the key historical sites along the Maritime Silk Road, and reveals links between the past and the present.

Leaves of Change

leaves of change

Tea is deeply intertwined into Chinese culture, and is evolving to keep pace with the changes of a modern China. In Spring of 2015 a crew from WFYI traveled to China to document everything from the harvest of the Zhejiang region to the trendy Tea Houses of Guangzhou.

The Lingnan Spirit: Education for Service


One hundred and twenty-five years ago, a university was founded in southern China with value so strong, it has survived the sea change of Chinese and world politics. The school was Lingnan University, and the value it invested in faculty, in students, and in families was one of education for service. Today, the Lingnan spirit forges a new destiny for China through exemplary students who take the best teachings of American philanthropy and apply them to that unique Chinese culture. This program explores Lingnan University’s value of Education for Service and how the mission firmly links East with the West.

Ancient Treatments New Practices

ancient treatments

The roots of medicine go back many hundreds of years in China. While medical systems have adopted modern techniques, the old ways are still observed and studied in some Chinese medical schools. These ancient treatments are finding their way into a number of American medical applications, as well.

East Treats West

Open Door: China in Indiana

Open Door China in Indiana

“Open Door: China in Indiana” reveals how an ancient Asian culture has evolved into a relationship that will be a defining force in Indiana’s future. Ties between Indiana and China are growing stronger – and faster – with each passing year. While many Hoosiers may not immediately see the growth of Chinese culture here, others are immersing themselves in it, in the name of business, art and even love.