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IUPUI-SYSU Partnership

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has developed collaborations with Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in China for years.  In April 2007, IUPUI and SYSU signed a MOU to initiate the partnerships between these two institutions.  In December 2009, Chancellor Bantz of IUPUI and President Huang of SYSU signed a formal agreement to establish the strategic  partnership.  Under this agreement, the schools and programs in IUPUI and SYSU will further their research and academic collaborations as well as faculty and student exchanges.

Kelley School of Business

School of Education

School of Informatics

School of Liberal Arts

School of Medicine

School of Public & Environmental Affairs

Chancellor Bantz visited SYSU

Chancellor Bantz and his wife Dr. Petronio attended the 4th Confucius Institute World Conference in Beijing Dec. 10-13.  Chancellor Bantz gave a speech at the Presidents Forum during the conference and was well received. Before the conference, Chancellor visit SYSU and signed an agreement of strategic partnership between SYSU and IUPUI.  After visiting SYSU east campus, Chancellor delivered a lecture to the students in Lingnan College of SYSU and Dr. Petronio gave a seminar to medical students.




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Sun Yat-Sen Delegation March-19-30

IUPUI welcomed an unprecedented delegation from strategic partner Sun Yat-Sen University  from March 19–30. Thirty-seven deans, associate deans, and heads of units visited IUPUI for an intensive two-week training in the areas of teaching and learning.

SYSU delegation was hosted on the IUPUI campus by CI-Indy and the  IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning. Director Pratibha Varma-Nelson put together a training program that covers peer-led learning, service learning, student-centered teaching, developing and accessing learning outcomes, learning management systems, and other vital teaching tools.

IUPUI delegation visit SYSU in 2009

A large delegation from IUPUI visited SYSU in Sept 19-22.  The delegation is led by Susan Sutton, Associate Vice President of International Affairs and composed of Deans and faculty members from Kelley School of Business, Engineers, Science, Education, Informatics, Liberal Arts, Office of International Affairs and Confucius Institute in Indianapolis.  The delegation met President Huang of SYSU and have meetings with VP Xu and the colleagues of SYSU to discuss the issues in 2 plus 2 programs, faculty and student exchange and research collaborations.  The delegation also visit the Zhuhai campus of SYSU.



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IUPUI and Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), a top-ten University in China, have established a strategic partnership.  In April 2007, Vice President Qingyan Liang of SYSU visited IUPUI and signed a MOU with Chancellor Charles Bantz, which officially started the collaborations  between the two institutions.  Confucius Institute in Indianapolis is the first product of the collaboration.   One of the missions of Confucius Institute is to facilitate the collaborations between IUPUI and SYSU.

In Sept. 2007, following the visit of Confucius Institute headquarter in Beijing, Craig Brater, the Dean of  School of Medicine, and  Susan Sutton, the Associate Vice Chancellor of IUPUI led a 14 member IUPUI delegation that consists of Deans and Directors from different schools and centers visited SYSU.  The members of the delegation had meetings with their counterparts of SYSU to discuss the future collaborations.

In Dec. 2007, Vice Chancellor Uday Sukhatme visited SYSU after attending the 2nd Confucius Institute World Conference in Beijing.  VC Sukhatme met Vice President Ningshen Xu of SYSU and discussed the potential collaborations and exchange programs between IUPUI and SYSU.

Patrick O’Meara, the Vice President for International Affairs of Indiana University also visit SYSU in Dec. 2007 and had meetings with VP Xu of SYSU.  He also visited the Ophthalmic Hospital and Eye Center of SYSU to discuss the collaborations to develop a Ph.D. program in Optometry.

Currently, many schools at IUPUI have established or are developing the faculty and student exchange as well as research programs with their counterparts at SYSU.

Chancellor Bantz, VC Sukhame and VP Liang after MOU signing ceremony

IUPUI delegation at SYSU

Vice Chancellor Sukhatme and Vice President Xu after the meeting

Vice President O’Meara and Vice Presient Xu after the meeting