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School of Public & Environmental Affairs

 In April 2007, a delegation from School of Government at SYSU lead by Dean Ren and Vice President of SYSU visited IUPUI and initiated the collaboration between IUPUI and SYSU.

The research collaboration and faculty exchange between SPEA at IUPUI and School of Government at SYSU are very active under the leadership of Prof. Alfred Ho.  He visited SYSU in April-July 2008 as a visiting professor and delivered lectures to the students and provided policy advice to Guangdong provincial and local governments.

In 2008-2009, Prof. Meili Niu of the SYSU School of Government is visiting IUPUI for one year.  She and Dr. Ho have several  joint research projects funded by variaties of sources.

In Dec. 2008, the Dean of the SYSU School of Government, Prof. Jiantao Ren, visited IUPUI.  On Dec. 4th, the Confucius Institute in Indianapolis  sponsored a special luncheon lecture by Dean Ren, titled  “Traditional Chinese philosophies and sustainable development in China”.  The talk focused on the human-environment relationship in traditional Chinese philosophies and the implications for the current reforms on sustainable development by the Chinese government.  About 40 faculty members and students attended the talk and had a wonderful discussion after Dean Ren’slecture.

SYSU delegation visit IUPUI in April 2007

Dean Ren after lecture during the visit of December 2008