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Tài Jí Quán

太极拳 (Tài Quán) @ IUPUI

Dr. Jing Wang, Director of Chinese Language and Culture Studies, first offered free lessons in the Fall semester of 2008, and we typically practice in the courtyard on the East side of Cavanaugh Hall for an hour once a week when the weather is good during the Spring and Fall terms.

If interested, please contact Woody at to be added to the listserv in which you will be given further details about dates and times.

If you are planning to attend for the first time, please wear loose fitting clothing (like sweat pants and athletic shoes,) and meet us at the Confucius Institute on the first floor of Cavanaugh Hall a little before the starting time.

If it is too cold or wet to exercise outside, meet us at the Confucius Institute a little before the starting time as well, and we will walk to an indoor location to train together.

Please send an e-mail with any additional questions to Professor Wang, and note that there are links to videos with examples of 太极拳 (tài jí quán) below for your reference.

楊氏 (yáng shì) 24 –

楊氏 (yáng shì) 42 –

陳氏 (chén s) 56 –

太极功夫(tài gōng fu shàn) –

长拳 (cháng quán) 3