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The Current Situation and Problems of Traditional Chinese Drama as an Intangible Cultural Heritage

SPEAKER:  Professor Kang Baocheng, Ph.D.

TIME: Mar. 7TH 2014 2:00pm




Professor Baocheng Kang is a nationally renowned scholar in Chinese traditional theater and the director of Sun Yat-sen University’s National Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Opera Lecture


2009 Celebrating 30th anniversary of US-China diplomatic relations Symposium

Confucius Institute in Indianapolis, Lugar Center for Renewable Energy and IUPUI common Theme project organized a symposium on Oct. 23, 2009 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of US-China diplomatic relations.  The speakers include, Charles Bantz, the Chancellor of IUPUI, Susan Sutton, The Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs, Maoming Chu, Deputy Consul General of Chicago Consulate, Stephen Akard, Director of Economic Development, Leslie Stone, Director of Lingnan Foundation, Wei Huang, Director of Institute of Studies in Education at SYSU, Wayne Ecjerle, VP Corporate Research & Technology Cummins Inc, Mike Headley, VP International Marketing Allison Transmission.  They talked about the impacts of normalize relation between U.S. and China from the academic, political and economical perspectives.


Click here to see the video of symposium

Establishing & Managing Your Supply Chain in China

An one-day conference for information and dialogue on the topic of supply chain management in China was held at Campus Center of IUPUI on March 30. Four guest speakers from the Business and Legal Community and Chinese Supply Chain experts  from Sun Yat-Sen University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Indiana University gave  talks on the following topics:

1.    What is the current business environment in China?
2.    How does one begin to find a supply chain partner in China? How does one determine that the partner is a good match and is credible?
3.    What are the legal issues surrounding supply chain partner negotiations?
4.    What are the local business & government relationships that are important to understand?
5.    What are the issues surrounding supply chain decisions?
6.    How does a firm manage the financial and operating risks of a Chinese supply chain partner?
7.    What lessons can be learned from past experiences?

Program Sponsors:

Confucius Institute in Indianapolis

Kelly School of Business

Indiana University CIBER




Click to see video