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Culture Hour

2015 Fall Chinese Culture Hour


Confucius Institute-Cavanaugh Hall-Suite 129

Sep.9th      Mastering Chinese Calligraphy (Dr. Edgar Huang)

Sep.16th    Unique Chinese Characters (Dr. Menji Wu)

Sep.24th   Celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (Dr. Jian Xu)

Sep.30th    A Pilgrimage to India from Xi’an: Journey to the West (Dr. Ian Mclntosh)

Oct.7th       The difference in university culture between China and U.S. (Ms. Jing Zhao)

Oct.14th    Chinese Martial Arts (Dr. Jing Wang)

Oct.28th    Historical Ties: China-Philippines Relationship (Mr. Boyet Caparas)

Nov.5th     China’s Economy (Dr. Joyce Man)

Nov.11th     U.S.-China Relations. Perspectives of a former U.S. Diplomat (Of Counsel, Russell C. Menyhart)

Nov.19th   Confucius and Confucianism (Ms Haixia Zhao)



2015 Spring Chinese Culture Hour


Confucius Institute-Cavanaugh Hall-Suite 129

January 28 · Chinese Musical Delights · Prof. of Instrumental Music, Weiping Meng

February 4 · U.S.-China Relations: Perspectives of a former U.S. Diplomat · Of Counsel, Russell C. Menyhart

February 11 · Exploring China’s Ancient Links to Africa · Dr. McIntosh

February 18 · China’s Unique New Year Celebrations · Dr. Menji Wu

February 25 · China’s Economic Reform: Past and Future Directions · Dr. An Hui

March 4 · Shanghai’s Diverse Neighborhoods · Dr. Jiangang Zhu

March 11 · What happened in Tiananmen Square? —June 4, 1989 · Dr. Zao C. Xu

March 26 · The Mystery of the Great Wall of China · Haixia Zhao

April 1 · Traditional Chinese Medicine · Dr. Jing Wang

April 8 · Metaphors Chinese Live By · Dr. Kerong Wu


2014 Fall Chinese Culture Hour


Confucius Institute-Cavanaugh Hall-Suite 129

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Sep.3rd     Chinese Mid-autumn Festival Celebration (Have a taste of Chinese   moon-cake and Chinese tea. Prof. Kerong Wu)
Sep.10th   Chinese Culture Revolution (Dr. ZaochengXu)
Sep.17th   Chinese Society(1): Chinese Youth (Prof. Wan-ning Bao)
Sep.24th   Chinese Sociaty(2): Chinese Etiquette (Prof. Kerong Wu)
Oct.1st       Chinese Medicine (Dr. Xiaoming Jin)
Oct.9th       Chinese Philosophy: Confucius and Confucianism (Haixia Zhao)
Oct.15th     Chinese Food (Chinese student from C301)
Oct.29th   Chinese Kongfu (Prof. Jing Wang)
Nov.5th     Chinese Painting (Dr. Yuan Le)
Nov.12th  Twelve Chinese Zodiacs (Prof. Menji Wu)


Chinese Culture Hour Presents

Dr. Thomas H. Cox | Sam Houston State University

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 | 12:00 p.m.

Confucius Institute | Cavanaugh Hall, CA 129


China and the United States currently exchange over $230 billion in trade each year and share concerns ranging from global warming to tariff policies. As such the need for intellectual and cultural exchange between these two nations has never been greater. Both the Chinese and American governments plus numerous philanthropic organizations offer an array of grants, scholarships and stipends for study in the PRC. This workshop outlines major grant opportunities and provides advice and feedback for the application process.


spring 2014 the hour


Fall 2013 Culture Hour


2013 Spring Culture Hour

January 30 Traditional Chinese Medicine

February 6 Chinese New Year

February 13 Evolution of Chinese Characters

February 20 Popular Music in China

February 27 Comparing Chinese and American Culture

March 6 Chinese Medicine and Culture

March 21 The Divinatory Cracking of Turtle Plastons in Han and Medieval  China (3-4pm on Thursday)

March 28 Chinese Mythology (Thursday)

April 3  Chinese Religion: Taoism

April 10 Introduction of China

April 17 Will This Be China’s Century?: A Skeptics View

Culture Hour

2012 Fall Culture Hour

September 12 中国茶文化 Chinese Tea Culture

September 19 中国传统节日 Chinese Traditional Festivals

September 26 中国传统节日之中秋节  Chinese Traditional Festivals – Mid-autumn Day

October 3 中国少数民族   Ethnic Minorities in China

October 10 中国饮食之四大菜系   Chinese Dietary Culture – China’s Four Major Cuisines

October 17 中国语言 Chinese Language

October 24 中国网络流行语 Chinese Network Catchwords

November 7 庄子 Zhuangzi

Novenber 14 中西文化对比 Cultural Differences between China and the West

November 21 中医保健  Chinese Traditional Medicine for Better Health

2012 Spring Chinese Culture

February 8 Chinese Cuisine

February 15 Traditional Chinese Clothing for Women: Qipao

February 22 Revisiting War Trauma in Contemporary Chinese Cinema

February 29 Chinese Painting

March 7 Chinese Medicine

March 21 Chinese Tea Culture

March 28 Four Beauties in Ancient Chinese History

April 4 How Rock Music Came to China

April 11 Traditional Chinese Musical Instrument: Erhu

April 18 Chinese Wedding Culture